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New Members - Welcome to the Forum!>Daycare Center At Jakarta Indonesia, Want To Learn A Lot Here
Trust DayCare 07:37 AM 10-31-2017

Hello All,

We are Trust DayCare , a new daycare that established Oct 2016 at West Jakarta, Indonesia.

Currently we had around 24+ children at our daycare and nurtured by 8 caregivers.

We are here to learn more about daycare and wish to give (and get) some insights about how and what we do in our daycare.

Daycare is growing rapidly at Jakarta and we are proud to be part of it.

Our passion is to nurture and give lots of knowledge to our children in their early stage of development, teach them with love and fun way.

Hope to know all of the member of daycare in USA and sharing lots of useful insight here about daycare

If any of you want to share about what is the biggest challenge of running a daycare or just to say hello to us, we would be very welcome to be friend of you .

Just drop us a message or reply to this or any of our thread(s).

Kind regards,

Trust DayCare

Michael 04:27 PM 10-31-2017
Welcome to the forum!

Maybe I need to start a daycare search function in for Indonesia! I find it very interesting that you registered a global domain name in .com and have a very western looking website. Nicely done:
Trust DayCare 08:01 PM 10-31-2017
Thanks for a very warm welcome Michael.

Yes, Daycare in Indonesia, especially Jakarta is rapidly growing.

If you need any information or have questions about daycare in Indonesia we would very please to help as much as we could


Trust DayCare.
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