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dave4him 02:06 PM 10-26-2011
I am working on my contract for the daycare. Its not to heavily detailed but i need some tips on what i want to make sure i put in and could leave out. So help me out
renodeb 02:33 PM 10-26-2011
I could send you a copy of mine. Private message me if you would like.
AnneCordelia 02:38 PM 10-26-2011
I would definitely cover:

*sick policy
*payment policy including due by date, when payment is late, and late charges
*Drop-off/Pick-up policy including when a parent is early/late, charges involved
*Holidays...including how much vacation parents and provider get, is it paid? Are stat holidays paid? List them. Sick days for child paid? Sick days for provider paid? How much notice to use vacation time for parents & provider?
*termination policy including what qualifies for termination, is deposit refundable? Is 2 weeks notice required? When can termination take place (only on first of month?)?
*what parents provide (food? clothing? diapers? wipes? milk?) and what provider provides (meals? snacks? playpen for sleep? wipes?)
Sprouts 03:07 PM 10-26-2011
This should help, why re-invent the wheel?
dave4him 03:37 PM 10-26-2011
Originally Posted by Sprouts:
This should help, why re-invent the wheel?
Ill have to check the basic rates for OK....
Thank you!
mismatchedsocks 04:15 PM 10-26-2011
I can message you a copy of mine. Let me know. and good luck!
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