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My Daycare 08:18 AM 10-01-2011
Does anyone know if the all of the alcohol really burns off in a dish? I hear that it does, but I'm not sure if I believe it. Would you cook with wine for your family or your daycare kids?

I do use it in cooking for my family and I was wondering if anyone used it for their daycare kids meals?
godiva83 11:17 AM 10-07-2011
I cook a lot with wine ;o) most of it ends up in my glass.
I think it is safe, could be wrong but usually the alcohol cooks off and little to no alcohol is left. My son who is almost 2 loves a good wine sauce reduction
Cat Herder 12:20 PM 10-07-2011
Not worth the PR risk, IMHO.
sharlan 04:43 PM 10-07-2011
I wouldn't do it.

But then again, I don't care for the taste or smell of wine and can taste it when added to sauces, etc.
Country Kids 06:00 PM 10-07-2011
Originally Posted by sharlan:
I wouldn't do it.

But then again, I don't care for the taste or smell of wine and can taste it when added to sauces, etc.
Me to! My husband will buy a cold coffee drink and no one, no one can taste the coffe. Give it to me and its the grossest thing because I can taste the coffe and I really do not like coffee.
Jenniferdawn 05:55 PM 10-09-2011
I cook with wine for my family (a little red wine in spaghetti sauce etc.), but I wouldn't risk it for daycare, not because I think it would hurt them, but because of legal issues it might get you in.
godiva83 06:39 AM 10-11-2011
Let me clarify - I cook a lot with wine after hours lol
Doodlebug 07:28 AM 10-12-2011
I don't think the food program would approve cooking with wine. If you are part of that program you should ask your food rep.

Do your daycare parents know you are considering food options with wine in it? I think I'd be sure to post a menu. I know my licensor would have a field day with this if I even considered it.
Countrygal 09:38 AM 01-04-2012
The alcohol absolutely DOES NOT cook off. I've been a professional cook a lot of my life and I know this to be true. The old saying about it all cooking off is a wive's tale. Here is one table of how much actually cooks off. And the final decision is still out. Noone knows for absolute, but what is known is that it does not cook off, at least not in normal cooking of a meal. I hope this comes out readable.

Preparation Method Percent of Alcohol Retained
alcohol added to boiling liquid & removed from heat 85%
alcohol flamed 75%
no heat, stored overnight 70%
baked, 25 minutes, alcohol not stirred into mixture 45%
baked/simmered, alcohol stirred into mixture:
15 minutes
30 minutes
1 hour
1.5 hours
2 hours
2.5 hours
Heidi 02:02 PM 01-04-2012
I do cook with alcohol for my family occasionally, mostly a cream/white wine sauce. Not very often, though.

I don't think I've ever had leftovers of that to serve to the dc

I'm with Godiva, though. I'd rather drink it WHILE I'm cooking, while I'm eating, and afterwards...with chocolate....Godiva chocolate will work just fine!
permanentvacation 07:50 PM 01-04-2012
HA! I have always told my ex-husband that the wine does not cook out! Thank you for proving me right! He would always fuss with me because I refused and still refuse to eat anything cooked with alcohol - because I don't drink alcohol, so I certainly don't want to eat it either!

Anyway, I would definately NOT cook food with alcohol that is served to daycare children.
Countrygal 03:30 PM 01-06-2012
If you ever have a recipe that calls for wine but you don't want the alcohol, why don't you try an "alcohol removed" wine. IMO it takes absolutely ugly to drink, but it'd probably work great for cooking!

You might also be able to substitute a 100% grape juice (either red or white, whatever the recipe calls for). It'd be worth a try before throwing out a good recipe. I'd be tempted to try subbing apple juice for the white wine as well. I would think the flavor would be similar.
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