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Unregistered 10:30 AM 02-04-2010
Hi there,
Just wondering if anyone has advice on how to manage a child that is extremely possessive of toys and even space. I understand that at this age children are in the beginning stages of learning how to play together and share, but this little one is different than my others. For example, if a child goes near a toy or heaven forbid picks up a toy that she has played with at some point in the day, she goes crazy. Space wise, if a child tries to stand next to her, she slowly pushes herself into their spot, to the extent of getting on top of them!! At this age I am not sure if time outs for this behavior are the thing to do. I am finding it especially problematic because some of the other children have started biting her when she gets into their space, or when she grabs on to a toy that they have. Augh!
Very Frustrated
AmandasFCC 01:28 PM 02-04-2010
My dd, 18months, is doing the same thing. Time outs are working for her. She's getting much better. Also modelling language, "No it's XX's turn, try this toy" ... or something ... THat's all I can suggest .. Good luck
Unregistered 02:25 PM 02-04-2010
Thanks for your reply! How long do you time out for that age? I have been doing 1 minute, or not even that much if she quiets/calms down. And I only just started because I wasn't sure she would understand it earlier. I sure do have to time her out A LOT. I wonder how much is too much?
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