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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>"Grabby" 16 Month Old
Msdunny 05:54 PM 01-22-2013
I need advice, please. I have a 16 month old DCB. All the other children are 3 or 4 years old. The problem I am having is that the 16 month old goes up to any children who are quietly playing or coloring and will grab their toys away, or will take blocks from a tower the children may be building. My assistant and I have to chase him around, making sure he doesn't take toys from the others. He will also scream - loud and shrill! 😳

Time out is no good, and redirection...well, that's a no-go, also. Help!! It is getting so the older kids hate to see him coming while they are playing and yell at him to go away.
Willow 06:10 PM 01-22-2013
I wouldn't be doing time out's for a 16 month old, redirection is about your only option.

If he goes after someone elses blocks set him up with his own pile, if he goes after someone elses toy have him give it back and get him engaged with playing with a different one.

Make sure you're offering him lots of age appropriate toys too. My 3-4 year olds have a much different toy selection than my 2 and unders do. 2 and up's play in the playroom or up on the kitchen table where my 2 and under's can reach - reason being of course those 2 and up toys look fantastically interesting, and what the olders can do with them is awesome!

We do all color together though, is there a reason your guy can't have his own paper and crayons?
daycare 11:16 PM 01-22-2013
I agree with willow. He needs a space of his own to also have his own play

I have one that is 20 months old and the rest are 2.5-5 years old

When my 20 month old does this, I will take him by the hand and make dck give back the toy, say no thank you then walk them over to play with something else.

Are you setting them up with something to do? The older kids know what to do on their own and are good at making choices.

This young of an age, you need to start them off with something. My 20 month old loves empty boxes. He fills them up with stuffies, pushes it around the room, dumps them he gets in on his own and will do this for about 20-30 minutes before onto something else.

Don't forget to be proactive and catch him doing good. Try to not always be reactive by responding in a negative way.

I also agree with willow that this age is too you for time out.
I don't put my 20 month old in time out yet, but I will separate from the group if he hits anyone. They have to play in their own area where they won't get to hit anyone again.

Hope this helps some
Msdunny 06:16 AM 01-23-2013
I'm sorry - I should clarify. I don't try time out with this child, and we do set him up with toys and/or crayons. He just wants what the other children have, and takes whatever he wants! We can give him age appropriate toys, even his favorite toys. He wants what he sees them playing with. I have ordered more blocks to try to give him his own set.

I am not sure there is a solution to this problem at his age...I was just wondering if someone had a magic answer for me! Bring on the Magic!
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