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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>My Baby Is Moving To The Toddler Room!!
happymom 11:58 AM 12-16-2016

2 months ago I was sooooooo not ready for this, but now that it's happening I'm excited! It's bittersweet because he's been at his daycare center since 5 weeks old and has grown up with the girls in there, but at the new year he'll be moving!

Anything I should to do try to get him ready? He's my perfect eater/sleeper, but I've been trying to get him to follow directions a little better and he doesn't seem to get it AT ALL. Maybe because he's so young? I dunno, I feel like he's a little delayed in that department.
daycarediva 12:11 PM 12-16-2016
Awwwww! Is he down to one nap? What's their schedule like?
happymom 12:25 PM 12-16-2016
In the infant room he is offered 2 naps but he usually won't go down for his second nap, most days he takes 1 two hour nap.

This will be his new schedule, I think he will love it because it appears he will be eating all day..........

8:15 snack
8:45-9:15 outdoor play
11:00 lunch
11:45-1:45 nap
2:00 snack
3:00-3:30 outdoor play
5:00 snack
happymom 12:26 PM 12-16-2016
He'll be a few days short of 15 months when he is moved.
happymom 11:42 AM 12-23-2016
One of the assistants in the room told me that the hardest part of the transition is from sleeping in a pack n play to sleeping on a mat or a cot or something during nap time.

He sleeps in a crib at home and is actually rather awful at sleeping if we for some reason need him to sleep elsewhere. Maybe he'll transition fine, but I have no idea how I could try to prepare him for it. Honestly it sounds like a nightmare for the teachers, haha!
laundrymom 12:06 PM 12-23-2016
Originally Posted by happymom:
, I think he will love it because it appears he will be eating all day..........
My husbands is the same schedule!! Lol
happymom 01:03 PM 12-23-2016
Originally Posted by laundrymom:
My husbands is the same schedule!! Lol

Is it so bad, I feed the kid before we leave for daycare, too. He is constantly eating.
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