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Daycare and Taxes>For Tom, Question on purchase of a Van
Little People 09:23 AM 02-03-2011
Tom, we bought a used Van for $8000.00, can I claim this on my daycare taxes? We will only have this one vehicle and I do transport the children daily.
We bought it in December.
TomCopeland 09:25 AM 02-03-2011
You can deduct expenses for this vehicle. You can use either the standard mileage rate or the actual expenses method. Since you are using it regularly to transport children make sure your car insurance covers you when you do.
Little People 09:28 AM 02-03-2011
Thanks Tom! I thought I could claim the $8000.00 since we had to buy it to be able to fit 4 kids in it..humm
dEHmom 10:34 AM 02-03-2011
I bought a van as well to accomodate all the daycare kids. BUT if the use of the van is not for the daycare kids but they come with us when we go shopping, drive other kids to and from school, does it still count? Or are they just tag alongs?
TomCopeland 02:14 PM 02-03-2011
You can only count trips when the primary purpose of the trip is business. So, if the day care kids are tagging along this is not a business trip.
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