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JeepGirl6 12:23 PM 01-05-2011
Do any of you have daily reports that you do on the computer and just fill in the areas every day and print them for the parents?

I have a daily report that I print but I would rather have one I can fill in on the computer and print for the parents. Anyone have one they can send me ( I can't type on the one I have saved)?

I was also thinking about starting to do a weekly report for parents to show them pictures of their child doing activities for the week. Anyone do these?
lvt77 12:44 PM 01-05-2011
I used to do daily reports, but with time, paper and computer ink, I had to stop. I teach a preschool program and am the only one that is here.

Now I send emails to save trees and time.I only send them if there is a major issue. I do give out awards once a week to show positive behavior...

I always talk to the parents at the end of the day at pick up for a few minutes....I find that it really helps you to get to know your DCP as well as build a better bond by just talking with them.

I do have a program called minute menu. It is a program for daycare home and center. its only about 70 bucks to purchse and can download straight from internet. it is very helpful to me..
I think you can also get a 30 day free trial.
it allows you to do all of your accounting billing and daily reports if needed. it will store all of your daily reports as well including can change it to suit your needs.... check it out!!! good luck
Cat Herder 12:51 PM 01-05-2011
Again, Minute Menu ....
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