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newtodaycare22 09:47 AM 02-01-2011
I bought an Expedition, which is over 6000 pounds ( I know this matters for taxes). I use it 95% for daycare. Where should I enter it in Turbo tax? I don't see an section for vehicles under business expense-depreciation.

I think I put it in somewhere and the suddenly I clicked the wrong button...and it's missing and my tax refund went down 2000 dollars

Help! Thanks!
TomCopeland 10:30 AM 02-01-2011
When you are entering expenses for your car Turbo Tax asks whether you want to use the standard mileage rate or the actual expenses method. You want to use the actual expenses method. At some point it asks if you want to compare the two methods so you can decide which method to you. I don't know the exact screen where this happens.
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