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jen2651 08:54 AM 10-12-2011
Looking for some of your great ideas...for our halloween party we will be visiting the residents of our local nursing home and we would like to bring a little craft for each one. Any ideas?
godiva83 09:16 AM 10-12-2011
Mini pumpkins coated in glue and sparkles, very easy and they look very pretty
meganlavonnesmommy 09:24 AM 10-12-2011
I like to do handprint bats or spiders. Use black paint, and Use the hand prints to make the wings of the bat, or legs of the spider, then decorate with googly eyes and a round circle in the middle for the body.

I have also done feet print ghosts, they are adorable! Use white paint, and dip their feet in the paint, then on paper. Turn upside down so the toes are the bottom of the ghost, decorate with googly eyes.
godiva83 09:26 AM 10-12-2011
Foot print ghosts (white paint, black card stock, black marker to draw face, cute ribbon to hang)
Mason jar pumpkin lanterns ( paint jar orange, spray sealer, wrap wire around brim add tea light)
You can do this with tin cans too
PitterPatter 10:02 AM 10-12-2011
We do foot print ghosts (paint bottom of foot white and place on black construction paper. The kids can draw on eyes or glue silly eyes.

Pumpkin tamborines. (let the kids paint 2 sturdy paper plates orange and then help them paint the pumpkin face or glue on face shapes. You can either stitch together or staple. Pour a handful of beans in just before closing. The kids love these and use them at music time also.)

I make a pumpkin piniata each year I sometimes allow the kids to put a few finishing strands of news paper on so they get to enjoy the gooey experience. After dry everyone paints it orange and I add finishing touches. Halloween party time they all enjoy taking turns trying to bust out the goodies.

Painted terra cotta pots filled with a few goodies for their family (small ones of course)

Handprint bats we hang from the ceiling. Black construction paper and cut out.

Construction paper pumpkins I actually have a link for. These are really cute and you can glue on a jack o lantern face or just leave it a fall pumpkin. We sit them in the middle of our table for a while to enjoy.

Other simple things we do are paint pumpkins (real ones) allow the kids to take them home of course.

I also buy wooden masks the kids paint but we also have used paper plates and painted pumpkin face or trim to be Frankenstein even a bat. You can alos use poster board which many masks can be made from. Just cut out and let the kids create a monster or dracula etc. We have done butterflies for the girls because they didn't want scary. Glue a craft stick to the back of the chin and they have masks to scare Mom and Dad with.
Doodlebug 12:31 PM 10-12-2011
If you want to before the kids work on the cans you can spray them with a white primer. Have the kids paint glue on the outside of the can and wrap them in cheese cloth. Glue two wiggly eyes to the can and then glue a little knot of cheese cloth above the corner of one eye.

You can fill them with treats or have them for pencils or whatever. Just be sure the cans don't have a sharp edge on them.
dave4him 06:14 PM 10-12-2011
Build a mumkin. Take a pumpkin and a mum plant. poke holes in the punpkin side then pull the flowers into the holes. Covering the entire thing takes time but its really cute when your done
Lucy 09:40 PM 10-12-2011
Had to look up "mumkins". So cute!!!
dave4him 08:24 AM 10-13-2011
I only heard about them this fall, since i work at Lowe's they have them in one of their magazines. Some other pretty cool ideas in there too
dEHmom 12:51 PM 10-20-2011
This is what my kids did today....
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