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SilverSabre25 08:04 AM 03-22-2013
Right now, it's 30 degrees out. And it feels like 21. I'm so tired of cold, and being cold, and children complaining of cold, and putting mittens back on the toddler...and back on, and back on, and back on.

They're all squirrely but I'm skipping outside time this morning because it's just too much effort. It's too cold. We'll be out for a bus walk after lunch anyway.

WHEN is it going to get warm?
LK5kids 08:09 AM 03-22-2013
Agree......we are waaaaay below norm here too. The backyard is just hard, frozen, ice- like can slip, fall, and cut themselves on it! I have all 2's and under, so they don't maneuver it well. Last year March was almost too warm-80's. I would like to see 30 degrees at least!
Blackcat31 08:13 AM 03-22-2013
Yeah, I love winter but seriously this below zero temps (-5F this morning) is getting ridiculously old.

I'm ready to go boating and catch a tan not frostbite and the sniffles.
bunnyslippers 08:15 AM 03-22-2013
My town is directly next to what is now officially the snowiest city in the country - 106.8 inches so far. I hate winter!!!!!
just_peachy 08:59 AM 03-22-2013
Yep, it's the first day of spring break here... and it's SNOWING! and hailing! Very unusual for this area. Tired of the cold and cabin fever too. The news said sunny days ahead, hope they're right.
just_peachy 09:00 AM 03-22-2013
My local forecast says 64 and sunny on Monday! It's 32 right now. They better be right!
bubbiesmama807 10:18 AM 03-23-2013
I am so ready for spring weather..I hate the cold weather we've been having!

Tomorrow it's calling for a 70% chance of snow, and my first thought was, "Okay..which season are we in again?" =\
mema 12:47 PM 03-23-2013
Me too! Camping season starts on the 19th and there will probably still be snow on the ground. I think we are suppose to get an inch or two tomorrow into Monday (that would make 8 Mondays in a row) and then warm up into the mid 30's! Never thought I'd say that's a warm up, but I can't wait!
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