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Ambrocia 07:56 AM 03-22-2016
I need a recommendation on a great daycare/ECE book to read! I'm taking a 3-week vacation so will actually have time to sit and read a book! I'm a newer Center director. Thank you!!
Ariana 08:19 AM 03-22-2016
Creating Effective Learning Environments by Linda Crowther would be a good one. Also Home Away From Home-Lifeways Care of Children and Families is a great book but hard to find.

Enjoy your vacay
KSDC 06:34 AM 03-23-2016
Daycare Whisperer Doing Daycare: This Job Would be Great if it Wasn't for the Parents! by our own Nannde
Unregistered 02:04 PM 03-23-2016
No Bad Kids and Your Self Confident Baby !!
heyhun77 06:54 PM 03-23-2016
It's Okay not to share! by Heather Schumacher
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