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hcmom 08:32 PM 09-15-2009
Hi, I asked the question under Unregisterd re: Prob babies in my dc.

Now I have an issue with a 7 month old , parents 1st born-he is with me 3 days a weeks, he cries/scream EVERYTIME HE IS PUT DOWN. He does not want to play with the toys, he does not nap in a pack n play (as a matter of fact, his mom said they rock him to sleep-so thats why he cannot fall asleep on his own)

Today the I asked his dad if he had any suggestions as to what I can do when he is crying, I told his dad that I cannot always hold him, because I have one othr baby, and two toddlers to also care for. The dad said, "Yeah, when he cries we just feed him or hold him, I guess we kinda spoiled him by always holding him. You can either feed him or hold him"

I have a schedule, I do not feel that at 7 mos the baby should feed on demand, or be held all the time. Seriously, when we are outside and this baby cries, the NEIGHBORHOOD DOGS START BARKING!!!

WWYD in this situation???
Unregistered 06:36 AM 09-17-2009
If you really can't rock him prior to a nap, give it two weeks. Tell the parents you are giving it a two week trial period and they need to work with you at home on this too. If at the end of the two weeks they have not done the same thing at home and DCB can't adapt they will need to find other care arrangements. Explain that it will not work in your daycare setting. DCB needs to start being put down at your nap hour at home. And he needs to start adjusting to less time rocking, less milk in a bottle until he has moved to no rocking, no bottle. Put him down, when he starts to cry go in the room, lay him back down, pat his back, keep doing this every few min. and stand firm. Don't pick him up. As the days pass, stretch out how long you wait before you go back in and lay him back down and pat his back. He will learn the new way and he will adjust. But you will HAVE to work with him for a while until he learns and you will have to be patient and softspoken and loving during the adjustment, which I'm sure you will be! Good luck!
Reply 10:57 AM 09-17-2009
My advice may be a little different. I have in the past been in your shoes. I have learned that sitting on the floor, holding them , then letting THEM leave YOU. let them sit on your leg,.. holding them for a bit,. then sit them on the floor, still holding them. Then let go, then put them on your leg again, then the floor,... gradually increasing the time they are not being held, to being able to sit beside you, then move away from you, then be independent of you. It may take a few weeks,.. Kids arent out to tick you off, they just need to know they can be fine without you. When they leave you, it is easier to get them adjust than if you leave them. I know you are busy, believe me. Here I have 8 age 3 and under,.. I know busy. But once you teach them to be ok,... it is so much more fun. And,.. isnt that what this job is supposed to be?
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