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SilverSabre25 08:56 AM 12-20-2011
If you guys are going to make reindeer food with your kids, please use colored sugar instead of glitter, as glitter is not safe for animals and birds to ingest. You can use more sugar, thus making it even more colorful.
DCMom 10:48 AM 12-20-2011
Thanks for this tip ~ I do this every year and I never thought of it not being safe for the wildlife.
WImom 10:58 AM 12-20-2011
We are doing these tomorrow (already got the colored sugar sprinkles) but it's a great reminder for everyone.
frgsonmysox 06:49 AM 12-22-2011
Good thinking!
momma2girls 08:08 AM 12-22-2011
Can anyone post the recipe for this? THanks!! Merry Christmas everyone!!
DCMom 08:59 AM 12-22-2011
We just mix oatmeal with the colored sugar (formerly glitter )

I usually put it in ziplock baggies with these directions:

Sprinkle this Magic Reindeer Food on your lawn. The smell of oats and the sparkling sugar will guide Rudolph to your house on Christmas Eve!

We let the kids mix it up and put it in the bags and then we made reindeer head bands with their hand cutouts for antlers and, of course, a big red pom pom for the nose!
melissa ann 11:23 AM 12-22-2011
We will be doing this tomorrow. I almost forgot about this project. Thanks for the reminder
laundrymom 07:55 AM 12-23-2011
We do ours with oatmeal, sugar,cinnamon , and after they measure out their ingredient s. we grate nutmeg into bags.
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