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DCMomOf3 09:48 AM 12-16-2010
I am going to try my first 'party' with my toddlers tomorrow and I'm nervous. LOL I have wood ornaments I plan to have them color, a gift exhange, music to dance to and a special treat for morning snack. Is that enough? What else could I do for a party setting, so it's not quite like a normal morning.
dEHmom 01:40 PM 12-16-2010
One thing my kids really enjoy doing, is making their own pizzas.

Just using pita shells as the crust, they put their toppings on and some cheese on top, and then just bake them long enough for teh cheese to melt and start to bubble.

Always a hit at our parties!
Crystal 03:18 PM 12-16-2010
add some ballons when you play the music and have them volley them in the air....they LOVE it.

decorate gingerbread men...a cookie, a small cup with a bit of frosting, some sprinkles, a spoon, and let em' go for it....then they can eat them.
Abigail 05:51 PM 12-16-2010
Read a good book to them or a new book. Have extra decorations up, like hanging things from the ceiling. You can just cut out basic shapes like stockings, candy canes, hats, mittens, Christmas tree, or Present shapes out of paper and hang out of reach. It might be best to do it in the afternoon after a nap so the entire day isn't chaotic too. We always talk about what we are going to do all morning to keep them excited and then we let them know after nap is when the party starts.
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