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Cat Herder 05:43 AM 07-16-2020
What do you include in your infant and young toddler portfolios?

How are they different from your preschool portfolios?

How do you organize them?

Do you do them annually or cumulatively until they leave?
Ariana 11:38 AM 07-16-2020
My portfolios are basically milestones based on each developmental domain. It includes the milestone domain and a picture of the child engaged in the activity with an explanation and I do them yearly. I also do biweekly pictures of the kids engaged in activities with brief explanations based on milestones and domains of development.
Bluemoon5 11:57 AM 07-16-2020
We used to do paper portfolios. We'd fill out a sheet once a month (Sept. to June) that listed a sampling of our goals. We'd check off which ones they were doing consistently. We'd also fill out one thing they accomplished that month and one goal we had for them for the next month. Then we'd attach a picture or art work sample and a sentence or two on why it was included. Our portfolios were pretty involved. If the infant achieved some significant milestone (sitting up, holding their bottle, first steps, first words) we'd include a dated picture or index card commemorating that.

Each child had their own manilla folder where all their portfolio sheets were kept. These were the organized into an accordion folder. The folder moved along with the child as they aged and was sent home when they left.
The portfolios were pretty similar for the older kids, but they could include samples of their work such as handwriting or cutting skills.

About a year ago we switched over to a digital portfolio. Now we use the same program for attendence, curriculum, parent communication, and portfolios. We take a picture, tag it with a preprogrammed goal, and it gets sent to their digital portfolio. Twice a year we do conferences with the parents where we can share them.
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