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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Ugh, Impetigo :(
iheartkids 11:26 AM 01-31-2012
I have a dck that has it all over their face. They've been on meds for it for 2 days now and technically that is supposed to be good but would you still take precautions? I've been having this kid wash their hands everytime they touch their face and only having them play with their own toys then washing them as soon as their done. It's only Tuesday and I'm getting tired of following this child around with the sanitizer. Do you think it's ok to let it go now? I've dealt with this before at a center but for some reason the thought of it being my home is making me a HUGE germaphobe!
Michael 02:21 PM 01-31-2012
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Crystal 04:02 PM 01-31-2012
If it is not completely crusted over, with no fluid at all, I would not allow the child to attend. Perhaps if it was in a place that could be covered, I would, but on the face, NO WAY! It is EXTREMELY contagious.
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