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Soupyszoo 08:36 AM 02-27-2012
I'm starting to really despise Monday's! The last couple weeks have been very snotty, whinny, coughy, poopy weeks! All my dcks have had something!

Last Thursday one of my dcgs went home early with a fever and missed Friday because she was sick. Today dcm drops her off screaming swearing that's she's fine. She's obviously not. She has very thick cloudy boogers watery eyes and a horrible cough. Not to mention the screaming! She also dressed her in short sleeves and no socks! She's 6 months and it's February in Denver!

Another dcb who is 7months has been congested with the cloudy boogers and very fussy as well. His mom brought him last week basically living off Tylenol to mask whatever symptoms she could I guess. Today she drops him off and says that he as fine all weekend but has diarreaha and feels "hot" this morning.

So why are you bringing them to daycare people?!?! Is it just me?? I am never going to get rid of the germs in this house if people keep bringing their sick kids in when they should be staying home!

What do you guys do when obviously the parents are trying to get away with bringing the kids sick so they can go to work. We just keep passing the colds and coughs and congestion and diarreaha around!! It just seems like common sense to me. What should I do?? Do I call them and say dck is still sick come back and get them? They've been here an hour.
bice99 08:39 AM 02-27-2012
Send them home - at the door if you have the backbone. Now if you already allowed them in. I know it's hard to do but you need to.
Soupyszoo 08:51 AM 02-27-2012
It's soooo hard! I've been there and I know how important it is to be at work! What do you say when they are sitting in your living room telling you all the symptoms and ready to leave for work? How would you say it?
bice99 08:56 AM 02-27-2012
What does your illness exclusion policy look like?
AfterSchoolMom 09:24 AM 02-27-2012
If literally everyone is sick, you could always consider closing for several days to give them time to rest...meanwhile you could disinfect the house. Though I guess there are no guarantees that the DCP's will keep their kids at home even in that case...
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