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Mom&Provider 05:21 PM 02-27-2012
I seriously hate when parents can't make up their own minds, send mixed messages and leave us to clean up the mess!

I currently have two DCF's, never had more, don't need or really want more since this works for us. I've been open almost 2 years and have had these same families since day 1. BOTH DCF's are expecting (one welcomed their new little one last week!) and both wanted fewer hours - of course! The issue I have is with one family who is p/t, 3 days a week which is my minimum (DCF knows this), but of course they wanted to work out 2 days with me to save them some money. I said I'd need to think on it (I know bad move), since I had already told the other family no to that option and that's when DCM said that either way was fine with them, they would understand and just didn't think they could afford the 3 days with Mom being off and that if I decided no to the 2 days it would be nice for her to have some time with her little guy anyway since he's heading to school in less then 2 years - I'm in Canada, she gets 1 year mat leave, which would bring her a few months from when her son would start school if she kept him home with her. Anyway, today I decided I needed to tell her no, that I won't bend the rules, since I hadn't for the other family and it wasn't fair to them or to my income for that matter. Sooo, when I told her she asked me "so when do you want an answer from us then"!? Ummm....I stood there, not sure what to say since she already said it was 2 days or none, not to mention because of this I have already interviewed another family and have agreed to take them on - contract dropped off today w/deposit!! what!? I said to her today that I thought she had told me she would be keeping him home if I couldn't do the 2 days and her reponse was that she wanted to discuss it more with her husband. I didn't know what to say!! I hate being caught in a conversation like that when I thought it was one way and now clearly either they've changed their minds OR I misunderstood....BUT it's too late regardless since I've already signed on another little one...I can't really go back...which was also my mistake I guess!? I've had recent issues with this family also, late pick-ups, dropping off their son ill etc. so I can't say I wasn't a bit relieved when she said she would keep him home if I couldn't do 2 days!

What would you do? My husband said I just need to tell her sorry, but I need a full-time spot filled and I plan to cut all p/t, but a big part of me feels bad...why do we always feel bad!?

How do I approach this? They are back on Wednesday...
JenNJ 05:33 PM 02-27-2012
Full time takes priority -- end of story. It is spelled out in her contract. Hand her a termination letter. AND do not feel bad. She brought this on herself.
Zoe 05:37 PM 02-27-2012
Whether or not it was misunderstanding on her or your part, it doesn't matter. Apologize for the misunderstanding and tell her that you are taking priority with a full-time family and wish her the best of luck with her new little one.

Honesty works. Use it.
CheekyChick 05:41 PM 02-27-2012
I would apologize and say there was clearly a miscommunication and that you got the impression that it was either two days or nothing. Then go on to say that you feel absolutely horrible, but the spot has been filled with a full time child. HOPEFULLY, she will understand and enjoy her time home with him.
Mom&Provider 05:54 PM 02-27-2012
Originally Posted by JenNJ:
Full time takes priority -- end of story. It is spelled out in her contract. Hand her a termination letter. AND do not feel bad. She brought this on herself.
Sorry!! I have this on my NEW contracts, I looked at hers and it's not there!! I seriously hate how parents go back and forth with stuff and just expect us to take it ALL in stride! I thought I was doing the right thing by finding another family, guess not.
JenNJ 08:43 PM 02-27-2012
You did do.the right thing - for YOU! At.the end of the day you need to do right by your family, business, and self.
wdmmom 09:13 PM 02-27-2012
If you accepted a new family's deposit, you are in agreement to take them on.

If the olf family said no to 2 days per week, you were well within your right to advertise and fill the spot.

This dcm cant have it bith ways and right now, she is indecisive and being indecisive can lose you money. You did what you had to do. Thank dcm for the years of service and tell her that you filled the spot.
Meyou 03:51 AM 02-28-2012
I would offer DCM the spot at fulltime after apologizing and then go with the new family when she refused.
seebachers 03:59 AM 02-28-2012
Originally Posted by :
I would offer DCM the spot at fulltime after apologizing and then go with the new family when she refused.
Yesterday 08:13 PM

Ditto......this should solve it
Blackcat31 07:44 AM 02-28-2012
Sounds to me like the miscommunication was on the dcm's end not yours.

I would tell her sorry but you already have a family enrolled and financially you must do what is best for your business and not do things based on feelings.

When addressing an uncomfortable situation with my DCF's I always stress how my decisions are based on finances in my business and never based on personal feelings.
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