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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Already sick of sickness !!
Provider_Manda 06:27 PM 10-03-2012
So two weeks ago we had Pneumonia with 1 dcg...then the following Monday we had 2 dck's with Croup, then my son came down with Croup. Well I thought we was all on a mends till today when 1 dcb was really hoarse and grouchy. So I told Mom and she said he was coughing last night so she was going to take him to Urgent Care to see what it was...Strep throat

We are just now into fall and have already had all this going on..Ughh I hope we have a cold winter to kill off some of these germs !! So they will be absent tomorrow, and I have warned the dcp who's kids was exposed and go bleach and lysol again. I just hope no one else gets it !
sharlan 08:12 PM 10-03-2012
Sounds like me a couple of weeks ago.

My dd had strept. Possibly 3 kids had strept. 1 was tested, the other two weren't. A 4th was tested and it came back negative. All had high fevers, runny noses, and sore throats. Kid #5 had bronchitis and kid #6 had a bad cold. All but one missed 4 - 5 days of school and daycare.

I bleached, sprayed, washed, washed, and sprayed everything that didn't move. I even started making everyone who walked through my door use hand sanitizer, even the kids.

Knock on wood, nothing for 2 weeks.
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