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Unregistered 12:40 PM 07-11-2008
So I went to my licensed daycare facility yesturday to breast feed my 5 month old. While there I witnessed the "teacher" feeding 3 babies out of the same bowl with the same spoon. It turns out that it was her lunch bowl, so she had been eating this corn hamburger cheese and chips mixture herself. I found it disgusting and it bothered me but I don't know if its worth reporting. The babies she was feeding are 6 months, 9 monts, and 11 months. What do you think? I have tried talking to the teacher and the director about other stuff that I see going on there and for the most part they are okay about fixing it. What should I do?
AMama 01:37 PM 07-14-2008
Personally, I would report it to the director of the facility. This is just my opinion, and maybe I am way too sensitive, but there are several issues that could go along with this scenario.

Not only is there the obvious transmission of germs from provider, to child, to other children which I realize happens anyway because they all play with the same toys, BUT what about possible food allergies? The food she is eating is something I still wouldn't feed my 18 month old due to her sensitive stomach, so I can only imagine what it does to a 6 month old!?

Again, I think this is unprofessional at best so I would run it by the director to see what there policy is on this topic...
Unregistered 08:07 PM 07-22-2008
That's just WRONG-in my eyes and the states!!!!!!!!!!! And I bet the parents would puke! If the director won't do nothing-document the time you saw it-who the children were, the teacher, say that you confronted the director-and report it-HELLO? That's gross!
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