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Christina72684 08:15 PM 08-28-2011
I'm needing song suggestions for different times of day, such as morning, transitions, music time, before lunch, washing hands, clean up time, outside, inside, etc.

I just went to this WONDERFUL seminar this weekend about the importance of exercising and eating healthy, and would love some great songs to use while having them burn all that energy that's built up inside them all!
blessedmess8 08:28 PM 08-28-2011
Dr Jean is awesome!!! Buy some of her CD's! She has songs for EVERYTHING! Stephen Fite is great, too.
Christina72684 09:17 PM 08-28-2011
The woman at the seminar I went to suggested Laurie Berkner. She only played one of her songs, "I Know a Chicken," and it was great! She filled plastic Easter eggs with uncooked macaroni noodles and taped them shut. Then we shook them during the song. So fun!
godiva83 05:58 AM 08-29-2011
" Sam is here today, Sam is here today, let's all clap our hands and shout hip hip hooray." - sung to the tune of 'hi hoe the dairy oh'
I use this one usually in the Morning circle it is easy for the little ones I have 1.5 yearolds )
GretasLittleFriends 07:52 AM 08-29-2011
I know a clean up song. It goes:
Clean up clean up everybody everywhere, clean up clean up everybody do their share.

If you know music, in the tune of C it would be G E G E DEFD EFG, G E G E DEFD EDC. (Each syllable is a different note).

A group welcome everybody is here type song is the kids sit in a circle and there are hand motions.
Choo choo choo choo, Choo choo choo choo (kids rub their hands together)
Up the railroad track (kids start at wrist of left hand hand lightly chop right hand up left arm to shoulder - 4 times - clap)
Choo choo choo choo, Choo choo choo choo (rub hands together)
Then we come right back (Starting at right shoulder, chopping down left arm 4 times - clap)

First we stop at *Johnny's* house, then we stop at *Suzie's* house, then we stop at *Billy's* house.... and so on (rubbing hands and directing our hands to each person as we make each stop)
Then we come right back (go down right arm with left hand 4 times, then clap)

Something along the lines of
GEEE GEEE FFGFE Choo choo choo choo Choo choo choo choo Up the railroad Track
GEEE GEEE FFEDC Choo choo choo choo Choo choo choo choo Then we come right back
GEEE GEEEG First we go to Bobby's house and then
GAGGFF We'll go to Katie's house
FDDD FDDD Then we'll go to billy's house and
GFEDC Then we'll come right back.
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