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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Do You Have A Play Vanity In Your Playroom?
cheerfuldom 08:42 PM 07-15-2013
Why or why not?

If you have one, do you have additional toys with it like a play hair dryer and those kind of things?
Willow 09:08 PM 07-15-2013
I did, but took it out because my girly girls preferred to each have a chair and the vanity only had a single small bench. They usually make a circle in the livingroom and steal my barstools for all their "styling tools"

I have loads if clips, binders, headbands, brushes/combs, a microphone that's,been improvised into a styling rod and they typically snag the drills off the tool bench to use as hair dryers.

It is a favorite group and solo activity (with dolls)
countrymom 05:35 AM 07-16-2013
yes I do, its a good one. My littles like to look at themselves in the mirror. I have boys who like to play at it too.
Blackcat31 08:54 AM 07-16-2013
I have both a beauty salon with a stylist chair and a smaller make-up type vanity with a folding mirror top. ALL the kids LOVE them....even the boys.

They look like these:

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