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sassysue 03:21 PM 08-04-2011
This fall all my daycare kids are headed off to school
I have 8 new children starting in September, ages range from newborn to 2.5. I donated all my baby stuff a few years back so I have nothing. I know, I don't know what I was thinking. Anyway, I was also looking into purchasing a quad stroller.
All these big purchases were going to cost over $1000, maybe more. Here comes the good part..I thought to myself " What can I do to raise $1000. So I decide to have a HUGE garage sale, I posted at my church and on my facebook page explaining my goal and asking for donations. People droppped off stuff day after day, week after week. My husband picked items up from family. Daycare parents came over to help and to just hang out. You will NEVER guess how much money I raised. Guess, just guess!
I cannot believe how generous everyone was. After I buy my items I plan on having a party to thank all that helped(catered of course) I'm donating the rest to our church (although I'd like to go on a vacation
So just an idea if you'd like to raise money for your daycare. Of course it does'nt have to be as big as mine was but every donation helps. All my daycare parents were thrilled to donate all their baby and kids stuf! Thanks for letting me share.
Michael 03:43 PM 08-04-2011
Wow, that was a huge success.
CheekyChick 03:47 PM 08-04-2011
That is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! What a huge blessing that was.
Sugar Magnolia 04:27 PM 08-04-2011
PitterPatter 04:37 PM 08-04-2011
That is amazing! I couldn't do that if I tried! great job!
flightlessbird11 06:53 PM 08-04-2011
congratulations! That's awesome!!
Crazy8 07:01 PM 08-04-2011
Congrats!! That was one awesome garage sale!!!! We are planning to do a garage sale fundraiser for our soccer team - all the families from the team are going to bring stuff and we hope to raise a good amount too!! I'd fall over if we earned over $3,000.
magsgma 07:08 PM 08-04-2011
Very resourceful!!! Congratulations!
afmama 08:12 PM 08-04-2011
thats awesome! good job!! Don't forget to save all your receipts for deductions...even the party!
Hunni Bee 08:19 PM 08-04-2011

That's great
SilverSabre25 10:05 PM 08-04-2011
AnneCordelia 04:28 AM 08-05-2011
That's amazing!! Congrats and enjoy your new quad and baby items!
2ndFamilyDC 12:01 PM 08-05-2011
Awesome!! Congrats to you!
SimpleMom 12:14 PM 08-05-2011
Awesome!! Great Job! Enjoy the new items
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