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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How Do You Do Your Unpaid Days?
broncomom1973 11:50 AM 10-05-2010
When I started my daycare I came up with a weekly rate and stated in my contract that my holidays are paid. Until now, whenever I have to be closed due to myself or one of my own children being sick, I just have the parents deduct however many days Im closed from my weekly rate. So, If I charge $110/week ($22/day) and Im closed 2 days they pay me $66. I am thinking about alotting myself 10 unpaid days in addition to the 5 unpaid days each child gets and then averaging it out for the year so that each week my pay will be the same even if I have to be closed for a day for illness or whatever. My new rate would be around $103/week, but I would get paid that much even if I am closed. If I go over my 10 days per year, then they could start deducting the $22/day. Does that make sense? How do you handle the days you are closed? Thanks.
MyAngels 09:36 PM 10-05-2010
I take all major holidays off with pay, plus Christmas Eve, the Friday after Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. I also take ten days of paid time off each year. In return I give each family ten days that they can take off unpaid each year, with a minimum two week notice to take it unpaid. If I were to ever go over my ten days I would take it as unpaid. I would just take my weekly rate divided by the number of days they are normally here to determine the credit each family would receive if this happened.
marniewon 11:00 PM 10-05-2010
Major holidays I am closed and the parents pay. If their child(ren) are sick, they stay home and they pay. Their vacation, they get one week free, any other above a week, they pay. If I close due to illness, they do not pay. I am closed tomorrow - first time ever, due to my own illness (we've gone back and forth with a cold for weeks now and we are just now starting to feel better from that, and then I come down with the flu. I do NOT want to share that with the children, so I'm closing and taking a day to get all better before everyone else catches it!!). 2 families have already paid for this week, therefore, the next time they pay they can deduct tomorrow's amount from their next check. The other family will pay me on Friday, and they will not pay for tomorrow.
MommyMuffin 08:06 AM 10-06-2010
10 federal holidays paid, my 2 week vacation unpaid, 6 paid sick days annually and if they take vacation they still pay, if they are sick they still pay.
SilverSabre25 09:27 AM 10-06-2010
Federal Holidays paid (7ish...I forget how many I take)
14 paid personal days (basically, ten vacation and 4 sick).

Families get two full weeks unpaid and 4 unpaid sick days--so if they come five days a week they get 14 unpaid days, if they only come three days, they get ten unpaid days, etc.

If they take extra time off, it's paid. If I take extra time off, it's unpaid.
Blackcat31 08:01 AM 10-08-2010
I am closed on Thanksgiving and Friday after as well as a few personal days about 3 or 4 times per year. I do not charge for them. I do take two paid vacations every year. I close the week between Christmas and New Years and I close for one week around the 4th of July. I give parents 10 days to use throughout year where they are not charged. They cannot use my vacation days as their non-paid days.
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