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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>What Do Y'all Do For Small Space Daycares?
BrynleeJean 09:48 AM 02-08-2018
I bought my house for the purpose of homedaycare but was only 20 and not rich by any means, so the daycare rooms i planned out were these two idk 10ft,11ft rooms right across from each other in the front of the house only separated by a bathroom. i made one room for 18m and younger, and the other with more center play and manipulatives and such.

since then, 5 years ago, ive had a child and am one my second and can't have their room dedicated to daycare 100% anymore. and preschool age wasn't a huge hit in my area anyways, ill be opening for babies in the fall, i was thinking to put the cribs in the two front rooms (up to 8) and have us do our daycare day in our great room (living room/kitchen just open concept)
storybookending 12:04 PM 02-08-2018
My house isnít that large but I also do not have a family to also fit into the mix. My living room and playroom are adjacent to each other and that is our main play space when we are upstairs. I also have a large basement playroom and a decent sized yard. We alternate our time between the 3 spaces. Itís a little tougher in the winter when we cannot be outside every day but we make do with what we have.

What kind of cribs do you have the daycare kids in? I know of some daycares that use pack n plays and take the down when not in use for more space if this is an option for you.
mamamanda 12:13 PM 02-08-2018
Our space is very limited as well. We use our living room as a play room for the daycare. Obviously we use the kitchen & bathroom. Bedrooms are only used for napping. I used to use the bedrooms as alternate play areas but found a lot of wear & tear on my boys' personal stuff that way. Also more space to clean when toys are played with in both areas. It works well for us.
mamamanda 12:14 PM 02-08-2018
Also, I rotate toys from the bedrooms into the living room every month or so to change up what they play with & in the warmer months we're outside a lot!!
HappyEverAfter 07:05 PM 02-08-2018
I only keep 4 kids so I have a small group but here is my set up. I have an 11x11 downstairs bedroom that I use as a playroom which has a dedicated attached bathroom. This is where we spend the bulk of our indoor time. In the hallway outside the playroom I have a very large shelf with cubby bins where I store each childís supplies, etc. In my living room I have a small playyard gated area with a few toys that I use for a half hour or so each morning and evening during drop off and pick up so that we can be near the front door. I usually take it down on weekends so that my house doesnít look so much like a daycare since I have no children of my own. I have two pack and play cribs in my master bedroom for two of the kids to use during nap times. One child naps on a mat in the playroom. One child is a relative and has a crib in an upstairs bedroom but this is the only child I ever allow to go upstairs. In my kitchen I have two portable high chairs that I can easily stash in the laundry room during the weekends.
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