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gkids09 03:14 PM 03-20-2011
for bulletin boards! I have two that are winter themed right now, but since it's 80 degrees today, and the first day of spring, I'm thinking it's time to change...

What do you do do for spring bulletin boards, or do you just have a generic bulletin board that will work for longer (or shorter) than just one season? I would LOVE to be able to change it every week or two, but I have no idea what to do for that...

Anyway, any ideas/pictures are welcome.

momatheart 03:18 PM 03-20-2011
We change ours every month. To whatever holiday or fun day is in the month. Eg. Feb was valentine stuff. Jan we just did winter, Dec Christmas, March st Patricks day stuff or clovers etc. Things like that.
Abigail 05:53 PM 03-20-2011
Have a blue background for the sky. Make a sun to stick up in the corner. Have clipped or jagged green along the bottom for grass. Place flowers along the bottom with the stems under the grass. This works for spring and summer!
Michael 07:24 PM 03-20-2011
Another thread on the topic:
QualiTcare 10:48 PM 03-20-2011
how about pictures of the kids?

if you really want to change it out every week or so, put up pictures of the kids. in all honesty - the parents probably don't pay much attention to the bulletin boards anyway, but if they have pics of their kids then they will!

you can leave up the same background for the whole season and just swap out the kid's pictures - take them with a digital camera and print them out on your computer. super easy and worth the effort bc parents will actually stop to look.
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