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Melinda 10:42 AM 09-21-2011
I'm starting a daycare in my home next month! I just had my initial visit from the county to grant my license.

I've been lurking on this site since I began this process and came across it. I'm happy to join now that I will be a provider.
tbutler 10:52 AM 09-21-2011
Congrats and good luck!
Melinda 10:55 AM 09-21-2011
Thank you! I read your bio and ours are very similar. Due to budget cuts, I am a former teacher also. I also have the best toddler son anyone could ask for.
tbutler 11:10 AM 09-21-2011
I love still being able to teach everyday. My 5 year old started Kindergarten and gets out at 1:50 so my home child care allows me to be home for her and be the teacher to my 3 year old (which somedays I'm not sure that was a good idea lol). Have you started advertising yet? It's probably a good idea to start if you haven't so maybe you'll have kids starting on opening day!
Blackcat31 11:44 AM 09-21-2011
Michael 12:35 PM 09-21-2011
Welcome to the Forum! I see BlackCat beat me to it and already upgraded your status. You can post freely now.
Melinda 12:20 PM 09-25-2011
Thank you for the welcome and upgrade.

I started advertising through friends and family with a referral bonus. I didn't do any official advertising before without my license, but now I am beginning to post fliers and look into other forms of getting the word out.

Hoping things go well in the next few months and I can build up my clientele.
MommieNana4 04:08 PM 09-25-2011
Congrats and all the best!!!
melskids 02:22 AM 09-26-2011
congrats and welcome!

i'm a melinda too!!!
Gigi 06:39 AM 09-26-2011
Congratulations! And good for you!
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