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Toni's Tots 12:55 PM 10-18-2011
Hello Everyone, My name is Toni and I am new to daycare and have learned alot already from reading some of the threads on this site. I look forward to learning more and getting information from some of those who have been doing daycare for a long time.
Blackcat31 12:56 PM 10-18-2011
Welcome!! Nice to see a fellow Minnesotan.
Toni's Tots 02:56 PM 10-18-2011
Thanks! What age of kids do you watch?
Blackcat31 03:06 PM 10-18-2011
I am licensed for 6 weeks to 10 years old but only take kids 9 months-Kindergarten age.

I learned a long time ago that mixed age groups are really tough. I try to limit the ages now so it makes the days run a lot smoother.
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