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sksjrw 12:11 PM 10-27-2011
Hello Everyone, I am really excited to finally join this group as I have been viewing it quite often lately so that it would give me the courage to finally become licensed which I have just started the process. I have 4 kids of my own 6,5,4, and 3 yrs old and have been watching other family members' children. I've been nervous because there are so many providers in Chicago about 34 in my zipcode alone and 120 in the zipcode next to me and I know the economy is in bad shape I dont know how sucessful I can be. I am in school for early childhood education and I want to eventually open a 24 hour center but because of the economy thought better to start as a home daycare catering to 2nd and 3rd shifts. But it was because of all the info I got just reading everyones posts that I finally got the nerve that and the fact that I love kids.
Sorry this was so long.
Cat Herder 12:17 PM 10-27-2011

Sounds like a great Niche Market for starting up in a tough economy...

thatdivalady 01:30 PM 10-27-2011
Awesome! Go for it and don't let anything stop ya. I'm working on starting my own 24/7 center, maybe we can trade suggestions. Good luck!
Michael 05:00 PM 10-27-2011
Welcome to the Forum! Glad you finally joined. I've upgraded your status. You can post freely now.
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