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sammys 06:55 PM 12-05-2013
I'm having a hard time coming up with rates. I know it varies by location but I want to make mine simple and it's not working lol.

How do you determine full time, part time, SA care, drop-ins? Also, whats considered part time (under xx hours/wk)?
jenboo 07:44 PM 12-05-2013
In my area, every one advertises by day. For example, $25/day. I have three different rates (infants, toddlers and preschool).
I charge the daily rate regardless of number of hours (up to 10).
I have too many part time families right now and it is hard with such a small number of children (financially, but also with routine and trying to do projects) So ill be switching to doing a weekly rate for all new families I enroll (for example, $125 a week for up to 10 hrs a day regardless of whether they attend 3 hours 5 days a week, 9 hours 4 days a week or 8 hours 5 days a week)
Drop-ins for me are the same as the daily rate.

I hope all that makes sense.
Blackcat31 07:21 AM 12-06-2013
I charge daily.

I don't bother separating rates into age categories though as each age has it's pros and cons about difficulty levels so one rate for all ages here.

I do however charge a different rate for 3,4 and 5 days of care.

Anything less than 3 days is considered drop in.

I also increase and/or decrease the daily rate accordingly for pick ups at 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00.

That way parents have the option to keep their rate closer to what their budgets allow but I am still earning a base rate that I am comfortable with financially.

melilley 07:30 AM 12-06-2013
I charge a flat weekly rate (up to 10 hours a day) and a flat daily rate (for part time 2-4 days per week-up to 10 hours a day). I don't do part part time, only daily so if they are here 2-4 days a week they pay the daily rate no matter how little hours and up to 10 hours. I also have a drop in rate that's higher. I don't do before or after school care because they take up part of a spot in the morning and afternoons.

It works for me. I know in our area I've seen licensed providers charge anywhere from $100-$175 a week and of course there are the abundance of illegal non-licensed daycare's around here who usually charge less.
spinnymarie 07:58 AM 12-06-2013
Yeah I wish it could be simple, which, it probably could be -
one flat rate per week per child - no differences for times or for ages or for part time or whatever.
Mine is somewhat complicated, I started on the high end of our average in my town for infants, then lowered slightly for toddlers and again for preschools (by $2day each time), then divided my weekly rate by 4 to come up with a part time/day rate (ex: $36 per day for infant for 5 days, means $45/day for infants part time).
I also have diaper fees because we provide diapers, extra fees if you need more than 9 hrs/day, and a different rate set up for teachers/anyone using a school year schedule
daycarediva 08:06 AM 12-06-2013
I charge a lower weekly rate for FT, (175) but charge a higher daily rate for PT (160 4 days, 135 3 days, 100 2 days and drop in is 55/day starting Jan 1st)

I only take PTers who fit into another pters schedule, for instance one kid comes M/F (100) the other comes T-TH (135)=235 for one FT space. That additional compensation makes working with PT kids/schedules worth it to me. I am also only one of a small handful of local FCC providers who will even take pt'ers without charging them a FT rate.

My rates are the same for all ages (I only take 18m+)
MyAngels 08:08 AM 12-06-2013
You guys must be more on the ball than me to keep track of all that. I charge two rates, full-time and part-time. Right now it's $135 for full-time, $110 for part-time. Part time is up to 25 hours per week. I'm open 50 hours per week, so that's the limit on full-time .

No daily, drop-in or SA for me.
TwinKristi 08:25 AM 12-06-2013
I charge a daily rate except for my SA guy who's hourly. For infants its anywhere from $45-50 and hourly is $7/hr.
Maria2013 10:25 AM 12-06-2013
I charge a daily rate same for everyone, I don't enroll for less than 3 days
works for me
Sugar Magnolia 10:45 AM 12-06-2013
$195 per week for 1 to 3 year olds full time
$185 per week for 4-5 year olds full time
$40 per day, part time, any age. 2 day minimum.
butterfly 11:07 AM 12-06-2013
Flat weekly rate. PT or FT - same rate. Any age - same rate. Simple.
blandino 11:23 AM 12-06-2013
I charge a flat weekly rate, and do not decrease the rate with age, mostly for the reason Blackcat said, each age has it's pros and cons and preschoolers are not necessarily easier than infants & toddlers. So the rate that people enroll at, is the rate that they remain at.

Right now, my rate is $150.00 a week. And my part time rate equals out to $40.00 a day. To give you an idea of percentage that my part-time care is to full-time care.
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