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DaveA 12:06 PM 07-21-2014
Hey Everyone

Found this forum today and decided to join up. Wanted to give a brief description of myself. I've ran a licensed home daycare for 8 years now in central IL. Before that I worked for 12 years in daycare centers. I have a BS ironically in criminal justice- went to school for law enforcement before going back to childcare where I had worked while in school. Married for 13 years, 3 kids. Am also a CPR/ FristAid instructor dealing mainly with other providers and educators.

Away from work I am a Bladesmith, which is a blacksmith specializing in custom knives. I have to be the only person who has ever closed his daycare because I had to go to a knife show.

Anyway, thanks for letting me join up

Dave Armour
Blackcat31 12:10 PM 07-21-2014
Welcome to the forum!

Nice to see another make caregiver on the board. We have a few already so you are not alone!

Jump in and make yourself at home...we're a pretty friendly bunch!
NightOwl 12:20 PM 07-21-2014
Hi Dave! I love getting the guys' perspective, so the more, the merrier. Find a thread that interests you and start commenting!
Michael 01:12 PM 07-21-2014
Welcome to the forum!
daycare 01:20 PM 07-21-2014
hi Dave!!

welcome welcome! happy to see another guy here. I love to get your guys perspective on things too.

as mommies, sometimes I think we all tend to let that mother bear in us rule our emotions.

Stay and Play, you will love this form
dave4him 02:38 PM 07-28-2014
Hi Dave. I am Dave too
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