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Smith3 12:10 PM 08-05-2015
Hi! I'm trying to start a small daycare of only 3 kids. And I am trying to create my rates but I'm afraid I may be selling myself short or over charging. I called the local centers to get their rates and I went lower. Originally I was charging $135 for nb - 18mo and $125 for 18mo-3 And $115 for 3-6 and I did a $10 off sibling discount. I advertised for a month and so far I still don't have any dck. I wasn't accepting part time because I can only have 3. I am listed through my state so I am limited. I don't have any certifications YET. I'm saving to get them.
I do offer a curriculum I will get through carols affordable curriculum. So I'm wanting to make sure my rates cover that. I live in the country outside of a big city. So the prices for care aren't that's much. Any help would be appreciated. Also I've watched children since I was 15 and I am now 28. So I am very experienced. My home is child proofed. I have a contract, handbook. Crafting supplies.
Michael 12:24 PM 08-05-2015
Welcome to the forum. Here are some threads on rates:
AmyKidsCo 12:27 PM 08-05-2015
Rates are hard to comment on because they vary from region to region.

I just took a Financial Management for Family Child Care class and the instructor told us to set rates by first deciding what salary we want to make and estimating expenses, then dividing that by anticipated number of children enrolled and weeks in the year. Then compare the final rate figure to averages in your area to see if it's reasonable or not.
TomCopeland 03:27 PM 08-05-2015
It's hard to set rates without knowing more about your area and your competition. Here's a series of articles I've written about marketing your program:
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