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Nemahun 05:48 PM 01-16-2017
Hi I'm new to the group. Wanted to say hi. I live in the Washington DC Metro area and I'm looking to open up a day care /Early Learning Center in the next year and wanted to meet with like minded folks and so far this seems like a great place to network, Learn and offer suggestions as well. I have a lot of experience with children but no formal training, my background is Healthcare. Registered Nurse in particular, so I will be more of an owner/floating around making sure things run smoothly.
Michael 05:58 PM 01-16-2017
Welcome to the forum!
Nemahun 08:10 PM 01-16-2017
Thank you
AmyKidsCo 08:13 PM 01-16-2017
Blackcat31 06:45 AM 01-17-2017
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