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karenb 04:59 PM 06-28-2017
Hi all. So I'm still in the licensing phase. Fingerprints are sent in and most of my application is done and has been sent in. So here is my number one question at the moment. How do I know what to charge? I live in CT just north of Hartford. There are no licensed home daycare's in my town so I don't really have anything local to compare to. Which is a good thing. But I already have people asking what my rate will be when I open. I have no clue what to tell them. I know infants are more than toddlers. Part time and full time are different rates. Also I found out my area does not qualify for food program assistance. So I will be buying all the food right out of pocket. Does that mean I charge more? I'm lost!!!! Someone help!!
AmyKidsCo 06:32 PM 06-28-2017
Contact your local child care resource and referral to see if they record local rates. Ours does a survey every year then sends out a report of rates by county: high, low, average for family and group centers.

You could also check out Craigslist and local child care FB groups to see what others are charging.
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