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Pandaluver21 08:33 PM 11-04-2019
Do you charge:
Daily rate (ex. $25/day)
Weekly rate (ex.$125/week)
Monthly rate (ex. $500/month)
Yearly rate (ex. $6,500 YEARLY- but divided into monthly/weekly payments)

When I go back to doing only preschool next August, I will be doing a yearly tuition, divided by 10 months. This means if there is 20 days of class that month, or 15, they pay the same. Curious if anyone does it like that for daycare (obviously divided by 12 months if you run year round)
DaveA 03:14 AM 11-05-2019
I charge weekly (full time only), billed biweekly.
Jupadia 04:44 AM 11-05-2019
Weekly rate here, payment is due on the Friday for care the next week.

Use to do some drop ins I charged more then I do weekly (if broken down by day). About $10 more for the day.
Cat Herder 05:16 AM 11-05-2019
Annually, but I base it on 50 weeks instead of 52 to cover my vacation without having to bill those two weeks.

It prevents a lot of drama.
Ariana 05:28 AM 11-05-2019
I currently charge a daily rate which consists of a base rate and an extended rate.
Blackcat31 06:19 AM 11-05-2019
I charge a weekly rate.
I start with a base rate and adjust according to each family's needs.
No discounts or credits for absences or closed days.
One rate upon enrollment paid 52 weeks a year.
LittleExplorers 06:27 AM 11-05-2019
One flat rate regardless of attendance. I run on the school calendar and charge for all non-school days I am closed except for summers. Part-time is significantly higher per day than full time.
happymom 01:52 PM 11-05-2019
My daycare charges weekly at a different rate depending on the age of the child.

We pay weekly (they keep our bank draft information on file), but we are offered 1 week of unpaid vacation time. It's a shame, they told me hardly anyone uses it.
CountryRoads 02:17 PM 11-05-2019
I charge a daily rate, and a higher daily rate for drop-in care.
kendallina 11:38 AM 11-06-2019
I run a preschool and for the school year I charge a monthly rate based on their pick up time. Rate is the same no matter how many days are in the month.

For summer I run a Summer Camp. I charge $40/day. It's harder to get full time families in the summer here and I like having Fridays off, so I find this easier.
Unregistered 05:29 PM 11-06-2019
I have yearly tuition and charge monthly. So, if, for ex., the annual tuition is 12K, the monthly payment is 1K.
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