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MsMe 08:13 AM 08-30-2011
If I ever quit daycare it will be bc of the parents not the children.

When the subject of me someday astartign my own family comes up in converstation (I hope this will be in the next two years) I ahve started hinting to my parents that it will be the end of my daycare. I try to say it light heartedly and dont correct them when they say thing s like 'oh you can't do that we love you too much" or "you're not allowed to quit untill little Johnny is in school...ect' I have never told them for sure that I will not be around long enough to see every child in my care off to Kinder.

The ones who protest the most and the loudest are the parents we talk about in the "parents sitting at home" threads
I kinda wish I could tell them they are the ones burning me out and if I leave soon (even before a family as, I am concidering) they will be the reason I choose to walk away.
Zoe 08:19 AM 08-30-2011
Ahhhhhh.....maybe one day there will be a transporting system where the child can just magically appear and you don't have to deal with annoying parents.....dare to dream.

Do you have any great parents who keep you going? The ones who respect you and follow your rules, help you with any behavior problems, etc?
sharlan 08:23 AM 08-30-2011
Over the years, more parents have driven me crazy than the kids. That is quickly changing.
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