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newtodaycare22 08:30 AM 01-26-2011
It's not a speech problem...he will answer questions if you REALLY draw it out of him. He is able to talk...but simply does not. He'll play along side the other kids...but not WITH them.

Any advice to help socialize this kid? He is a great listener but it kills me that he is quiet and keeps to himself ALL day. I have a talkative group so I am hoping they bring out his potential crazy side It's only his second day but I really want to do what I can for a great transition. He was taken out of a larger center because the parents saw that he wasn't socializing and saw maybe he needed something smaller.

His family is also from Africa and dad says he is ok around cousins...but in a different cultural environment he shuts down.

Thanks for suggestions!!
countrymom 09:37 AM 01-26-2011
give him time. we go to a library program every week, well because most of the kids know each other they are pretty loud, but a new boy started and he's 4 and he's like the kid you described. I think he needs to get used to the enviroment or he can be like the other kid that goes to the library, he's 3 and because he's never ever around kids, he doesn't know how to interact with them.
SilverSabre25 09:45 AM 01-26-2011
I agree, give him time. As for not playing WITH but playing BESIDE the other kids, he's still awfully young--cooperative play doesn't develop until between 3 and 4, usually, and some personalities just prefer to play on their own. Plus, he doesn't know anyone yet. Relax, and let him adjust at his own pace.
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