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PJEmmons 06:40 AM 11-16-2009
Hello Everyone!

I would first like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post. I have been always told "the best decisions are educated ones".


My mother purchased a dying daycare (for too much) and we are trying to rebuild it. I am 24, a college grad, and uneducated in the childcare field. I have been here for two months and have been getting things in order (paying past bill, fixing things, etc...). I want this daycare to be successful and grow (would like to open another in a year). We acquired the facility with 3 kids and now its up to 18. I personally think we can get up to 30 kids, which is our license capacity.

What I'm searching for

I will be looking for jobs soon and will not have the 60+ hr weeks to invest as I do now. Basically I want to daycare to run without me physically being in the building. Every time that I leave (for a week or more), it seem that I have to start from scratch with everything. My mom teaches the kids and doesn't have time to be in the office. Honestly, I want to start anew. Recently I have dedicated my time to knowing the Daycare manual. I want knowledge and I am willing to do anything to get it.

I need to know how many people I should hire?
Best way to collect money? how to attract "paying costumers"?
The best time clock software for small business?
How do reduce cost?
How to get books in order? How much should I pay for a good account?
How to get free things? How to be "profitable" not money hungry?

So, if you can start me from square one I would appreciate it. If there is past post like this, just paste the link. I will keep you guys updated and get into more details as different areas arise. Hopefully this can help others get the information needed. Ask me all the questions needed I am willing to answer!!!



p.s. My biggest problem right now is getting parents to pay!
grippy 04:33 PM 11-18-2009
Always, always, always have parents pay their fees up front.
tinytotzdaycare 05:35 PM 11-18-2009
Originally Posted by grippy:
Always, always, always have parents pay their fees up front.
I learned the hard way on this one years back....PRE-PAY to STAY!!

Stay firm and be sure to stick to your contract and everything in it. You will always have one that has to try to bend the rules. Stand strong and be sure they understand that YOU are in this for business and it will treated as such.
Unregistered 03:55 PM 11-25-2009
I was stupid and learnt my lesson. i left a family go on credit. I made them sign a noterized leter they would pay me up to date plus 2 months ahead when they get their income tax. I really did not rely on the money monthly. It was a nice suprise when I got $2500 this March. The parents caught up on all their other bills and now pay their weekly cost because they did nto like the $50 per month charge for letting them do it tis way. It did work out good but I back myself up with if the oney is not paid by April 1, 2009 I woul take them to court & get a judgement to get it form their income tax & they would have ot pay my fileing cost ($65) and my legal fees ($750 for 3 hrs laywer fees)
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