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Old 04-22-2014, 10:27 AM
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Question Preschool Questions

For those that have just kids 3yrs and older....

How many kids do you have by yourself? How much of your day is spent doing preschool and how much do you let them free play? Do you teach preschool all 5 days?

Right now I have 8 kids by myself. I am licensed to have 12, and applied for a license to have 16 but once I have 13 I legally have to have a helper. I'm wondering if I'll need a helper sooner than 13 though. Two of our "little kids" from our other building will be moving up in June (one will be 3 next week and the other won't be 3 till July, both boys) and I'm getting a new boy in June as well (4yrs old and used to a nice center so very well behaved). I'll be losing one of my preschoolers when school gets out in June, so that puts me at 10 kids (4 girls, 6 boys). A nice Center nearby is closing in June so there are plenty of teachers and assistants needing jobs, I just didn't know if or when I would want to hire help.

We have 2 full time workers and 2 PT workers at our "little house" but they also have 8 kids under 16 months and 4 two year olds, so they need the extra help. I'm just jealous that they have each other to talk to and help each other and I'm stuck by myself for 10 hours a day doing all the work.
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Old 04-22-2014, 10:40 AM
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I have 2.5-5 year olds. I find 11-12 to be chaotic but manageable so long as you separate into smaller groups during free play/center time so the noise levels aren't high (which revs up my active boys even more). An assistant is nice to have but not necessary here if there are just 2.5 to 5 year olds. Any younger and help becomes needed.

My schedule tends to be one that has active play then learning activities (circle time, art, writing, math, etc.). It helps the little guys and girls out.

We do about 15 min of just math (addition up to 10, subtraction up to 10, nonstandard measurement, estimating, patterns, number recognition, etc.). The big kids do it with me and then go on their way. My 2's attempt to and get what they need throughout the day just through random conversations.

We offer about 30 min of art but they use what they need of that and about 15 min of writing but if they feel done then they can be done.

Circle time is about 20 depending on activities (good morning song, pledge, calendar, weather, Christian things, phonics, book).

During waiting periods (if a friend is using the restroom before recess and we are waiting...) we sing songs that spell the colors, days of the week, months, etc. So we get in "extra" that way.

I send home report cards (really, just tracking their progress) 3 times per year. For parents who WANT to do activities at home I send home instructions on how we do phonics, math, etc. We do one big science project a week and one child is the scientist of the day.

I was doing 5 days but now have made it 4. On Fridays we do show and tell in place of math and we do the big science project of the week. Otherwise, it is just centers and outdoor time. Tthey really love playing with their show and tell toys and look forward to it all week so we just went with it. I like the break. One friday a month we spend ALL DAY outside.
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Old 04-22-2014, 12:11 PM
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My morning schedule from 9-12 is very much a preschool schedule. All the kids participate and some leave at noon and some eat lunch and stay for dc in the pm. I have three ft who are 2 1/2-3 1/2. Then I have two 3 yr olds who come from 9-12 three days a week. So basically my three dcks come when parents go to wrk. Participate from 9-12 in preschool and then the rest if their day is lunch nap etc. The two presch kids are here with them three mornings a week. My schedule looks like this:
7-845: arrival, quiet table or carpet play, restroom
845-930 presch kids join us and we do circle time (a variety of activities)
930- 1030 some free play some teacher directed activities. Art available here.
10:30-1100 restroom and snack
11-1140 free play childrens choice or outside play.
1140 to 1150 return to circle review our morning.
1150 to noon books until presch parents pickup.
1200-1230 lunch for dcks.
1230-1 get nap items out restroom and storytime.
1-3 nap
3-330 restroom snack and story.
330 till pickup free play or outside free play. ( the dcks all are picked up by 430 just by coincidence right now.
On the two days a week that presh kids arent here dcks have a
Much more open morning and an earlier snack that allows for a longer free play period that is not interrupted.

It looks more rigid than it is. We are flexible and if we discover something thst puts us off schedule cause we are lovin it then we go w it!
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