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Old 05-11-2012, 01:05 PM
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Default What A Group..Anything Positive?

So I was thinking..this is the worst group of clients I have EVER had in one shot!!

There are always one fruit loop in the bunch but I have something negative to say about everyone this time around This has never been the case before...

1st fam - child is so beyond spoiled rotten that even other clients complain about behavior they have seen in public. Child drinks SO much juice at home, on the way here and on the way home..she hardly eats and lives in the bathroom!!! Child is learning that I do not play games and will not give in even to hyena screams so I get evil looks ALOT

2nd fam - Child is so used to Mom not caring about projects and accomplishments..she doesn't even show her anymore! Mom also complains about how much money is spent on childcare and if I need a day off..she doesn't get paid which annoys her yet she takes multiple days off herself from work..(child sent full day which is fine..but don't complain about the money aspect when you take days off to sleep..yes she tells me what she did on her "day off")

3rd fam - Mom keeps child constantly drugged with benadryl or IB for supposed allergies (fine all day in my care without either!! I refuse to administer and told Mom if she needs IB then she should not be here, Mom still tries and I refuse every time)

4th fam - Mom should not have had child - smokes in vehicle with child and expects the two year old not to be hyper EVER

5th fam - Mom is LATE almost every day even with steep late fee. I also believe she intentionally finds way to get child to cry at drop off...said child is 100% fine when they get to the door then she will do something to irritate child right before she leaves. Child is 100% fine when dad drops off

6th fam - Child is out of control and WAY behind both educationally and socially due to Mom's lack of discipline and participation (witnessed Mom's lack of discipline on multiple occasions, conferences with both parents do not go well as they play the blame game!)

SO I had to think OMG do I have anything nice to say LOL...First four..yes..they pay ON TIME every time and are loyal...been here for years even when others try to get them to switch to the center their family, friends etc go to..Some of those 4 do not ever have an issue if I have time off and they family always is my first priority..they address any issues that may come with their child as I would expect a parent to do!

5 - they pay on time..they do adore my services and have spoken publicly to others about me...

6 - ummm nope not really

Sheesh - I feel bad thinking negatively all the time...anyone else have a whole group of meatball parents? LOL
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Old 05-11-2012, 02:59 PM
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Honestly....I really have great parents! I think like you said every group has a fruit loop in!! Loved that term...

I'm the fruit loop I think bc I get spacy some times special when it's that time of the!!

I have 4 families...

The first family has 2 f/t children and they've been with me the longest...there like family and you know how family is...we disagree, but we love each other..we can joke with out it getting personal. There's a real fondness..but they do try to push rules. Pay on time all the time but are late here and there and have had to do a few diff. schedule changes in the past. I don't mind this bc would i gain my backbone with out parents trying to push rules? Not to mention that when they push and I'm able to explain my reasoning on why i won't do something they agree and take it from my point of view or don't fully agree but will respect it anyway.

2nd really perfect in every way...they pay on time are never late and if they have a doctors apt let me know months in advance. Are dependable even when they are 3-4 days a week. Always tell me thank you for my services and how they appreciate the art activities...take time for there child and work with him when I have issues. They generally care greatly for me and their child and how he does..staying just a few min. to let me talk about his day but never over staying.

3rd the niece to parents 2 and must of been raised in a close nit family bc she is the exact same way as this family. She is quiet younger but is a devoted mother and baby girl is just a pleasure! Mom has only had problems with paying me so we work it out where she pays the end of the week but pays for the week of and the following. She gives me late fees but I have stopped that as pay hasn't become a issue.

4th family has become close friends with us and I only have them mon and fri.'s. Family is always there to help us and even had my husband come and work with him when my husband was out of work. They have really been a blessing so in exchange I do my best to work their children into my daycare when there is space available and I am not a stickler on late fees or when I get paid as mom is spacey like me. I never feel bad message for money but I do get a bit tired of it. But they work so close to me that I will go and visit and pick it up on the weekends or wait til Mon. mornings for full payment for the week past.

I think everyone has families that are totally blemish free but I count my blessings that I have really good families. Next week is my last week with them all. It's going to be something else not having seeing them every day.
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Old 05-11-2012, 03:38 PM
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Christian Mother ~
I am so sorry it will be your last week with them. For years I have always had mostly GREAT clients with only typical complaints as a provider lol..this time around I seem so negative..

Having great clients makes this job far easier than it I miss that. I am not accustom to having kids late to be picked up or Moms showing no excitement over their daily work. I will have most of these guys until next year when they leave for school and I have gotten used to everything except the late just bothers me I feel negatively sometimes towards them..I want to LOVE my kid's parents haha

Almost ALL my previous clients I remain in close contact with and my kids have play dates with most of them It is awesome seeing the kids grow even after they have left!!!
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Old 05-11-2012, 05:27 PM
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At the moment I have really good parents. All pay on time and show up on time..

The only issue that I have, is one family wasn't real thrilled with me raising my rates (but seem to have gotten over it). I expected it though........... and one child is allowed to walk all over their parents....however I quickly stop it while they are here. "This is not how we treat mommy/daddy."
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