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Old 02-12-2014, 07:40 AM
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Default Can I Vent?

I have had dcb3 and dcg 9m since October, DCM has good intentions yet no follow through. I was able to be pretty lenient with her in the beginning since I was running a small center with employees to open and close and there were usually kids there anyways. I recently moved back home and no longer have that liberty.

DCB is supposed to be going to a special ed preschool because of a speech delay. (this is the only time he gets speech therapy) he is behind and really needs it, dcm cannot get him there to save her life, she is supposed to bring me baby and then take dcb to school (only two days a week). So last week she tells me she needs an earlier drop off because she is always late, and thinks this will help her get dcb to school. He hasn't gone in 3 weeks. She very rarely drops off on time she is always late getting here as well, so not sure how it is going to help.

Well day one of new schedule she shows up half hour after old later drop off time. DCB in tow, no preschool, was running late. I emphasis to her the importance of speech and that he will not catch up is she does not follow through, suggested a speech therapist out of the school district where he could be picked up here and taken and brought back. She said he didn't qualify for transportation.

So Monday she came and said the school bus would pick him up here at 7:20 so she will drop off here at 7 and tells me to have dcb eat as soon as he arrives to get on the bus. UMMMM no, I told her he needs to eat before he comes 20 min (if she gets here on time ) is not enough time to get him fed and on the bus. Today she texts and says running late be there around 8. I had another little girl here that usually isn't so I didn't get up just for her but still annoying. Why can't she follow through?

She has also started asking for later hours.
Monday afternoon she texts and asks me to keep kids an hour later one day next week, I tell her no I have other commitments. She comes in yesterday and asks me to keep them until 7 today or tomorrow, no I have parent teacher conference. Well how about one day next week, if you do the math your kids will be here for 12 hours, no I can't do that I start and 6:30 and don't want to work a 13 hour day. No I can't.

She works and goes to school these extra hours are for her to catch up on homework. She told me the other day that she has later classes 3 days a week. If she would follow through with the earlier drop off (which doesn't bother me if she FOLLOWS THROUGH) then she would have 2 hours those 3 days a week to study in the morning. This mom is driving me nuts I feel like she wants to push her parenting responsibilities onto me because she can't follow through.

I just want to term because she is driving me batty! I think I need to have that as one of my reasons for termination, If parent annoys me, it could lead to termination!

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Old 02-12-2014, 08:34 AM
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Ugh parents are the worst! I'm having issues with 3 of mine today! Pulling my hair out! I would want to term as well. Good luck!
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Old 02-12-2014, 08:40 AM
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Wow! That would drive me crazy too!

Honestly, I would start setting some boundaries about drop off and pick up times. If you make an exception for her, she will never learn anything and sadly this mom has a LONG way to go before she will be free of having to juggle multiple schedules/needs.

I would start insisting she is there ON time and have DCB go to speech. If she asks you to watch him when he should be in speech, I would refuse.

I would also refuse to take him in if he hasn't eaten. Turn her away at the door and tell her to feed him like your contract/policy says.

She may be flustered and scatterbrained but making up for her responsibilities is not going to do anything other than enable her to continue being that way.

I would absolutely stick to all your rules and policies.

(((hugs))) for dealing with all that. I agree with the reasons for terming as annoying sometimes...
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Old 02-12-2014, 08:51 AM
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OMG! In my beginning child care career I have dealt with these kinds of parents several times. I think that's one reason I have so much gray hair today!!
I have to honestly agree with Blackcat. You must stand by your policies/contract and hopefully you have one. Parents like these take advantage in my opinion. Scatter brained or not, if it's not working out for you make some changes now. Don't let one family make your days so hard.
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Old 04-15-2014, 10:41 AM
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How did this turn out?
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Old 04-15-2014, 02:40 PM
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Well she started getting baby here and taking DCB herself, which lasted about 3 weeks. I emphasized again getting speech outside of the preschool and finally about 2 weeks ago she set up appointments, I guess she already had the referral but just was not making the appointment. She has now pulled him out of the preschool. I don't completely disagree with her decision, we think he may be on the spectrum and was not doing well on the days he went to school having breakdowns, crying, etc. The preschool is very academic based with all children required to sit quietly through circle time and worksheets which we don't think he was ready for. They have been arriving on time and when she enrolled in her new classes I let her know that there would be no later days available as well as a new earlier closing time at 5:00 starting May 1st, and she was ok with it.
On another note she is off this week and planned on me still keeping the kids 10 hrs a day. DCG came in yesterday "a little off" and was sent home by 8:30 with a fever. She asked if she could bring her back today because it was just an ear infection caused by teething. Sorry not going to happen plus you're off why should I keep a sick baby. So at least I got 2 days of a break.
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enforcing policies - consistency, exceptions to rules, flighty dcm, late arrivals, terminate

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