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momofboys 08:26 AM 02-25-2010
Originally Posted by janarae
I know I am totally too low on my before & after school rate. I was a newbie when I started (back in August '09) & I had planned on charging $25 a week for the rate BUT the mom told me her husband would be driving her school-ager to school so he would only be here AFTER school. That never happened, lol. I am thinking of sending out a new form amending the price and saying if you only use one or the other my rate will stay the same BUT if you continue to use both before & after the rate has to go up. In essence I am only providing care for about 2 - 2.5 hrs a day but for only $3 it's sort of like I'm watching him for almost free. Do you think this is fair? I know the daycare center here in town charged $55 or $60 a week for B & A care. So she is getting off so well paying only $15/week.

How does this sound:

"Effective March 14, 2010 my rate for B & A care is being amended. When I originally set rates I was under the impression that __________ would only be here after school, not before & after. As a result I need to amend your current rate to properly relect care given at both timeframes. My new weekly rate will be _______________. Please sign below to acknowledge your understanding of the new rate. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you."

Should I adjust the way I worded this? Or do you think it sounds okay? Does it sound harsh? Advice wanted!
gbcc 09:24 AM 02-25-2010
I think that sounds fine. I personally dont charge less for just before or just after school. It is still a spot and hard to fill half a spot.
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