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Unregistered 10:01 AM 03-09-2010
Where is everyone from? How many children and what ages do you care for?
JennyBoo 12:21 PM 03-09-2010
Hi There,

I am from Canada, I care for 5 children 5 days a week. I have two children who are two and three children who are 21 Months. I am very busy, but love what I do.

originalkat 12:24 PM 03-09-2010
I am from Kansas. I care for 6 children 5 days per week. I only take 2-5 year olds. Right now I have
1-2 yr. old
4-3 yr. olds
1- 4 yr. old
emosks 12:28 PM 03-09-2010
There are 2 of us that use this user id.

We are currently caring for a total of 9 children, some are part time and most are full time. We are licensed for up to 12 which we will have the beginning of next year when some of our moms have babies. Current ages range from 9 months to 10 years.

We are in W. Michigan too!!
momma2girls 12:50 PM 03-09-2010
hi! I am from Iowa, currently I have 2 fulltime children- one is 11 months, and another 20 months. I also have my own, 22 months.
Carole's Daycare 01:03 PM 03-09-2010
I'm in Minnesota. Currently I have 6 full time ages 20 m to 4 ys, 2 part time preschoolers and 2 before/after school kids.I have a license for 12- ,so I have 2 openings yet- and technically will have 4 by summer- as my 2 part time preschoolers will be gone (moms are students)
TGT09 01:51 PM 03-09-2010
I'm in Ohio and I have 10 overall but all are on a part-time or before/after-school basis. I'm allowed to have 6 at one time and the only day I have 6 is on Wednesday's.
1-15 month old
3-2 year olds
3-5 year olds
2-7 year olds
1-10 year old
melskids 02:30 PM 03-09-2010
i'm in NY. right now i have

6mth fulltime
18mth fulltime
2 yr old drop in when available / needed
3yrs part time
4yrs part time
6yrs school vacation / summer
6yrs " "
6yrs " "

abd i have a 7yr and 13yr myself
booroo 06:43 AM 03-10-2010
NE, and I have 1 full time, he is 5, comes after preschool all day fridays and saturday. I have 2 drop ins, and I had a 9 month old, but I think they decided to stop coming, not sure.
DBug 06:57 AM 03-10-2010
I'm in Ontario, I'm unlicensed, so I can only have 5 (besides my own) at a time. I have two f/t: 16 mos & 23 mos, the rest are all p/t: 1-8 mos, 2-16 mos, 1-18 mos, 2-3 yrs, 1-4 yrs, 1-5 yrs, 1-6yrs. Lots of fun!
momofboys 07:04 AM 03-10-2010
I'm from Ohio. I have 3 boys of my own (ages 2, 6 & 8- older two are in school all-day).
As of next week I will only have one family & I am VERY HAPPY about that. My family is an 8 year old who is here before & after school, an almost 2 year old & 2 days a week I have their four year old daughter. So on any given day the most I have during the day is 3 & I like that very much! :-)
jen 09:25 AM 03-10-2010
I'm from MN too! I have 1 infant, 6 preschoolers, and 4 schoolagers (two of which are my kids). I'm licensed for 12; currently I have 11 but I keep a spot for one of my schoolagers who only comes in the summer.
momma2girls 09:27 AM 03-10-2010
Originally Posted by JennyBoo:
Hi There,

I am from Canada, I care for 5 children 5 days a week. I have two children who are two and three children who are 21 Months. I am very busy, but love what I do.

Where are at in Canada? I have a cousin in Winnepeg
misol 10:45 AM 03-10-2010
I am in Virginia. I am licensed for 12. My own two children are 18mo and 3 yrs. My daycare kids are:

2-2 yr ols
2-3 yr olds

3 are full time and 2 are drop ins.
SunflowerMama 12:01 PM 03-10-2010
I'm from Texas

Right now I have...

8 month old (PT)
15 month old (FT)
22 month old (PT)
3 year old (FT)

and my almost 3yr old twins.
JennyBoo 12:29 PM 03-10-2010
Originally Posted by Iowa daycare:
Where are at in Canada? I have a cousin in Winnepeg
I am in Ontario!
Unregistered 12:39 PM 03-10-2010

4-School Age
3- 4 year olds
1- 9 month old
1- 4 month old
momma2girls 12:40 PM 03-10-2010
Originally Posted by JennyBoo:
I am in Ontario!
Is it gradually getting warmer now there as well? Boy we have been having some great temps here in Iowa. Thank God all the snow is melting!! YEAH!!!!
JennyBoo 12:45 PM 03-10-2010
Originally Posted by Iowa daycare:
Is it gradually getting warmer now there as well? Boy we have been having some great temps here in Iowa. Thank God all the snow is melting!! YEAH!!!!
The weather has been + 9 or higher for 10 days straight here. Most of the snow is gone in our yard. We are all loving it - it is so nice to be able to go out at any time.
momofsix 01:56 PM 03-10-2010
i am from Grand Rapids MI
currently I have 12 kids, only six at a time though
1-5 yr old
2-4 yr olds
3-3 yr olds
1-2 yr old
5-between 11 and 21 months---yes 5! One is 21 months, 3 that are 17 months (one set of twins) and one 11 months! That is why i need an assistant some days, my numbers are ok, but my infant ratio is too high.
tenderhearts 02:19 PM 03-10-2010
I am in Oregon and I am licensed up to 10, right now I have

1- 5yr old boy
1- 4 yr old girl
1- 4 yr old boy
1- 3 yr old boy
16 mo. - girl
Crystal 02:22 PM 03-10-2010
Sacramento, Ca. We have 14 children. My husband works with me as my full-time assistant.
MsKara 02:47 PM 06-08-2010
I'm from Charlottesville, Virginia. Anyone else in the area?
mainemomma 02:53 PM 06-08-2010
Hi everyone!

I am new...from Maine, momma to a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 1/2 year old boy

I am licensed for up to 12 and currently have:
6 month old
13 month old
4 year old
6 year old
7 year old
8 year old

soon to not have the 4 year old anymore, but picking up an 18 month old and another 4 year old...the older kids are after school. I also have 3 kids that are random, mom has something to do can you take him for the day...I am full morning and afternoon EVERY day!

I also have an 18 year old who helps when needed
Anna 03:36 PM 06-08-2010
I am originally from Minnesota!! I love it there.. wish I was there! What part of MN are you guys from? I am from Elk River.

Anyway, I live in Hawaii now..

I watch 4 girls M-F.

6mo old
21 mo old
25 mo old
35 mo old

I am licensed but we are only allowed six. You are allowed 12 in Minnesota?! I plan on eventually living there but husband wants to make it to General before he gets out of the Army.. he is a 1LT now.. looks like I have a good 20 years of moving around left to go..
Francine 02:58 AM 06-09-2010
I'm licensed for 6, I just opened June 1st and currently only have 1 full time 3 month old. With any luck and a lot of praying I will have more soon.

Oh, I am in the Tip of the Mit part of Michigan.
JJPlaycare 04:44 AM 06-09-2010
I am from Minnesota too! I am licensed for 12 I have two girls of my own, Zoe is 5 and Ava is 3 and I am also expecting in December! I included my girls in the count below! : )
I currently care for:
two 1 year olds
one 2 year old
four 3 year olds
one 5 year old
two 6 year olds
one 8 year old
one 11 year old
MN Mom 06:14 AM 06-09-2010
I am from Minnesota.

I have my 4 children 11 yo/girl, 9yo/girl, 6yo/girl, 4yo/boy.

DC Children:
7month old boy(FT)
5year old boy (FT until school next year, then Before and After care only)
8year old boy (Before and After School, Summers here only Monday and Fridays)
Lianne 06:34 AM 06-09-2010
I'm in Ontario, Canada (Brantford to be specific) and have six kids registered but have 4-5 here each day. They are 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5. 4.5 and 4.5yrs old. I also have a 1yr old that comes for one afternoon each week but just until school ends and my kindergarten kids are here full time. I do weekend care too and have a 3.5yr old who comes most Saturdays from 2pm til 1am. I have no children of my own.
Unregistered 07:50 AM 06-09-2010
Hi I'm from NC. I care for 2 daycare boys ages 6 months and 1 years old and I have 3 of my own ages 10 years, 7 years, and 2 years old.
55CMK83 05:09 PM 06-10-2010
I'm from Minnesota - Licensed to have 12 or 14 with a helper.

I currently have:

(1) 2yr old
(2) 3yr old
(4) 4yr old
(1) 5yr old
(2) 6yr old
(1) 7yr old

I sometimes have my own children there ages 8 6 and 5. I do not do daycare out of my own home, but I own another house that I do daycare at.
Greenshadow 05:17 PM 06-10-2010
I am in Virginia. I run a family daycare home. I have four children in my care at the moment.
Lilbutterflie 05:49 AM 06-11-2010
I am from Texas, the Dallas/Fort Worth area. TwinMama, where in Texas are you?
I can only have 3 children besides my own, so I have:
1- 3 yr old girl
2- 4 yr old boys
Plus my own, 5 yr old girl and 2 yr old boy.
mismatchedsocks 06:38 AM 06-11-2010
I am from Wisconsin. Licensed for 8 kids. I have two kids of my own. Age 7 and 11.

The kids I watch now are

Just turned 1 fulltimer
14 month fulltimer
19 month fulltimer
3 year old fulltimer
13 month part timer (2-5pm)
2 year old part timer(8-2pm)
2 year old part timer(M,Th,F)
3 year old part timer(Tu, W)
7 year old fulltimer ( in summer)

newborn starting in Sept (M,TH,F)
newborn statrting in Sept (Tu,W)
DCMom 07:15 PM 06-11-2010
I'm also from Minnesota and have been in family childcare since 1989. My own kids are 23 and 21 year old boys and 17 year old girl, so we are almost empty-nesters

My daycare group for the summer is a full load~14 everyday :-)

9 full time, ranging in age from 7 months to 8 years
7 part time, ranging in age from 15 months to 10 years

A nice mix of boys and girls, part time and full time so there is never a dull moment around here!

I also have an assistant from 9am to 4pm, M-F along with my dd and husband.
Unregistered 08:06 AM 06-17-2010
I'm at the Jersey shore and I care for five children in my home. I love it!
Golden Rule 08:57 AM 06-17-2010
Northeast Georgia, ages 6 weeks to 4 years.

Allowed 6 for pay, up to 12 onsite within age ratios. Just enough to confuse Einstein...

With summer here, I am caring for 6 for pay, 2 for "no pay" as professional courtesy (teachers that had to take summer jobs due to furloughs, unforeseen).
Talena 11:35 AM 06-17-2010
I am from Huntsville, Alabama and I have children from ages 1 mo to age 5
jenh171 07:10 PM 06-26-2010
I'm at the Jersey shore and currently caring for five children!
alyssyn 08:33 PM 06-26-2010
I'm in MS. I care for my own soon to be 3 year-old, a 7 mo. old and 19 mo. old.
mamajennleigh 09:05 PM 06-26-2010
I'm in NC.
I have my own 17, 13, 12, and 2 year old boys.
I take care of a girl, aged 20 months, and a boy, aged 20 mos. both part time.
I'm currently looking to add a few full timers.
Veggie Mom 07:24 AM 06-29-2010
I live in Michigan, just NE of Detroit. I'm fairly new to Michigan getting back into it. I used to be a licensed provider when my now high school children were tiny and I lived in Maryland. I have my own new born, and will be caring for ages 2-5.
boysx5 10:51 AM 06-29-2010
I"m in Maryland and have five sons of my own plus five daycare kids ages four months, 1 year old, 2 two year olds, one three year old and one six year old for the summer keeps me busy.
WImom 12:41 PM 06-29-2010
I'm in Southeastern Wisconsin. Took a few years off doing daycare and now my kids are in school full time so I'm starting out again. Just waiting to move in my new house in July so I can get licensed.
Kimorea 06:59 AM 07-30-2010
Originally Posted by Veggie Mom:
I live in Michigan, just NE of Detroit. I'm fairly new to Michigan getting back into it. I used to be a licensed provider when my now high school children were tiny and I lived in Maryland. I have my own new born, and will be caring for ages 2-5.
HI I am currently in Seast MI also looking for a church to rent. Are you currently operating in your home"
MMk9987 07:32 PM 11-27-2010
I live in Florida not caring for any children at the moment
missnikki 06:32 AM 11-29-2010
I'm in Southern California, and I am at a center with all ages. My program is from Kindy- 8th grade, before and after school plus vacation camps and summer full time. It's a small school, so I have roughly 8-15 kids at any time.
AnythingsPossible 06:46 AM 11-29-2010
I am in Wyoming and have the following ages;
2 full time 6mnth olds
1 full time 2 year old
1 full time 3 year old
2 full time 4 year old
1 part time 2 year old
1 part time 3 year old
2 part time 4 year olds
In January, the brother of my part time 2 year old will start. He will be 8 weeks old.
I am licensed for 10, my own children are 14,12,9.
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