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Unregistered 09:07 PM 01-11-2011
Does anyone know why so many family home day cares are being shut down by the licensing agency in California? Rumor has it California is no longer issuing FDC licenses, does anyone know for sure if this rumor is true?
Crystal 05:28 AM 01-12-2011
The only shutting down of programs I have heard of are those who are not successful or have been irreparably damaged by the economy. If they are being shut down by the county, it would be due to failing to follow regulations, but I haven't heard of an unprecedented number of FCCH being shut down.

DCC licenses are still being issued. What has happened, due to the budget, is CNTER licensing is no longer conducting orientations for new licensees. They are still processing applications, when they are able, for new licensees who have peviously attended the orientation (within the last two years)

For FCC, there are still two counties conducting orientations monthly, Sacramento is one and I believe Del Norte is the other.

You can get more info at:
Crystal 06:14 AM 01-12-2011
BTW, I'd be interested in knowing where these "rumors" are originating.
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