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MsMe 01:04 PM 09-26-2011
Is there anyone here reading that has moved on from daycare?

I would like to be finished with daycare by the end of the year.

There are several reasons I am finished mainly the parents, my partner, a yes I am sad to say the kids.

*I am partner with my Mother and for many years there has been tention about work load, 'this way' or 'that way', and personal issues.

* I feel used and abused by some families. I have policies that are inforced...but I have learned just about every lesson the hard way.

* %75 of my DCK are rouwdy, rude, kicking, screaiming preschool boys. I just cant seem to get a handle on them.

I am STRESSED to the max and have an amazing opertunity to move on from daycare and start a life and family of my own. I am 27, single (I am not married yet, but have a serious boyfriend) and have no children of my own. I live in a small town and there is nothing holding me here other than the daycare home that I co-own .

I love children but I do feel that love and excitement for childcare slipping away VERY fast. I know it is time for me to move on to a less stressfull job.
Am I a lazy person for wanting to have a job where I work and then come home and can have the rest of the night with out work? I know you ladies know that daycare is much more than a 40 hour week. I am OPEN 50 hours just to start with...then shopping, post office, bank, cleaning, prep, ect. I am planning to move to a much bigger town and hope to work in school food service. There are several positions open and I have 5 yrs experiance hospital food service/7 years daycare....I am hopefull it will be the right fit for me.

So anyone who has left daycare...what is like in the outside world? Do you like it?

I will be selling EVERY THING daycare related so there really is no going back if it doesn't work out.
Mom_of_two 01:47 PM 09-26-2011
Can't respond to life after daycare, but can say that I left my professional job as a counselor to start a daycare after my girls were born. I won't do it forever though it is a good fit for the time being. If you have a desire to have children of your own in the future you may want to do daycare as it is a good fit to bring in income and be home with your babies. Something to think about!
MsMe 01:51 PM 09-26-2011
yes I have thought of that.

Someday I might come back to daycare, as a way to stay home with my own children. It would be on a MUCH smaller scale, only enough to make the money I NEEDED. Right now I run a large family daycare fro up to 14. We are always full.

Right now I would like to move, not work with my Mother, and have some time away from children before I start a family of my own in 2-3yrs.
LittleCrawfishCC 01:53 PM 09-26-2011
I can't offer much, because I am still in it.
But Good Luck to you!!! I know exactly how stressful this can be, especially when you don't have parents working with you!
Unregistered 02:03 PM 09-26-2011
I closed my daycare in April. Honesty I love not doing it. I closed though because I went back to school and I have two of my own children who weren't getting the attention they deserved because I did let parents take advantage of me and I was worn out after my work day was done. I now work mothers hours 8:30 to 2:30. I take my kids to school and pick them up. My house is clean when I get home and now I can focise on my kids after school not 6 other children who aren't mine. I have felt such relief because of not doing dsycare. If I'm sick or my kids are sick I get to call a boss and there is not 6 families calling and making me feel bad because they don't have the right backup.
Whenever I start to miss doing daycare I come on here and read the threads. Lol. Then I remember why I felt such relief in the first place. .
Mom_of_two 02:13 PM 09-26-2011
Gotcha- makes sense to me! You are in a good spot to do it, being currently singe and childless. Good luck with your decision/transition!
e.j. 02:18 PM 09-26-2011
Originally Posted by MsMe:
Am I a lazy person for wanting to have a job where I work and then come home and can have the rest of the night with out work? I know you ladies know that daycare is much more than a 40 hour week. I am OPEN 50 hours just to start with...then shopping, post office, bank, cleaning, prep, ect.
I'm still doing child care and expect to for many more years to come but I wanted to say that you are not lazy for wanting a job that allows you to put in your hours and then leave it behind for the night.

Child care can be a very demanding job and it's not for everyone. In addition to the normal stresses and strains that come with the job, it sounds as though you have extra stress because of your working and personal relationship with your mother. Walking away from the day care business and doing something else is probably a good move for you to make right now. If you decide to get back into it once you have your own kids, you can do things on your own terms which will help avoid some of that stress you're feeling now. Good luck!
jen 09:30 PM 09-27-2011
I closed up shop in August. I love my new job...I now work in a Jr. High School, love the kids, love the hours! Just tonight I was walking upstairs and saw that my kids had left stuff in the entry way and I had that fleeting thought....

"crap, I gotta get that picked up before daycare in the morning..."

Just as quick I realized, can wait. LOVE IT! Ranks right up there with vacation and sick pay, a retirement account, no more baby stuff, and never having to remind anyone to pay me.

To be honest, I'm not 100% sure I would feel the same way if I was working until 5 rather than 2:30 or if I had to get my kids to before or after school care. And somedays I wish the naughty spot worked on 13 year olds! LOL!
Unregistered 11:58 AM 12-08-2011
I have done childcare for almost 20 years. Have had enough! It is stressful, and the hours it takes to run the business are just not worth it. Not to mention the behavior of kids these days.

I am finding it difficult to transition out though. After so many years doing childcare, I have little other skills. I also believe that when you tell someone you do childcare, they think that you really don't work!! When I put home childcare on an application, I feel like they just look at it and think, she hasn't worked for 20 years!

I closed up in May, gave away or sold most of my stuff, (thank God, not all of it), and am now going to license again, ugh! I want to go back to school, but in the meantime, I need income, and this seems to be the only way to get it.
Meeko 12:59 PM 12-08-2011
I fully understand the wanting to go home aspect. I did home day care for many years in my home. Then we moved to our dream home (after 25yrs of marriage!) We use the old place as our day care now and my son lives there.

I feel much less stressed because I can go home to glass nic-nacs on the coffee table and candy dishes at low levels. I have cleaners under my sink and no child locks. I have no baby gates and no cribs and my home is never inspected by licensing or the food program. I have scissors in easily reachable containers. I have a pool in my back yard. My youngest kids are teens now and there is not one single toy in my house. I LOVE IT!

I adore my job, but I love leaving it behind too. It's hard to switch off sometimes when your job is all around you. I relax better now in my 'grown up" home.
MNMum 01:19 PM 12-08-2011
I've just switched to daycare from an outside job. It makes sense for us right now. I have my own schoolagers and a two year old. The thing that caused me the most stress in life was figuring out who was going to watch them when I worked and getting out the door in the morning. Many of the things I have been doing around here, I would be doing for my own children anyway. I don't think I will make this a lifetime career choice. I can see myself wanting my house back at some point. I think you have made the right choice for yourself at this point in your life. Life changes, you have to change along with it!
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