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TGPII 09:10 AM 05-28-2012
I recently started a new job. One day I got a message on my phone. Another place wanted to interview me. So I set up the interview for on my lunch break, and went to the intervew. Is/was that wrong?
MarinaVanessa 09:26 AM 05-28-2012
No, I don't think that it wrong necessarily if the opportunity that you have been offered turns out to be a better one than where you are now. All you are doing is exploring your options. If you do decide to take this other job I do recommend that you at least give a 2 week's notice to your current job and leave on good terms. You can just explain to your current employer that you appreciate the opportunity but that however you have been offered another opportunity that you feel will be a better fit for you, then thank them. KUP.
cheerfuldom 06:11 PM 05-28-2012
Not at all. You have to look out for yourself, your finances, and your future because no one else is going to. If another better opportunity comes along, take it! 99% of work places will not think twice about firing you if they have to do layoffs or that type of thing, so dont feel bad if you move onto a better job. Thats just business and they will find someone else for your old position and life will go on, I promise!
TGPII 07:14 PM 05-28-2012
I applied at both places about the same time. I was hired at one place that called me first. The second placed called me after I started to work at the new place. I did not set out to jump ship so fast. I clearly told the place I interviewed at I was on my lunch and that I am currently working at a preschool. One place hired me on the spot.
The second place told me the same standard line we got others to interview will call you in a week.(You know they will not call!)
TGPII 07:19 PM 05-28-2012
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