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ihop 11:33 AM 02-13-2014
I am applying for an exception to the rules. I can only have 2 under 2 and 6 under 6. I currently have 6mo, 9mo, and two almost three year olds. I interviewed a child who would be perfect for my program but is 6 weeks shy of turning two. I have to answer questions on my application for exception and I am drawing a blank on how to answer. The child is so close to the proper age and is developmentally advanced. Almost comparable to my almost threes. I just don't know how to answer them. The questions are listed below if anyone has input. Thanks!

1)If the Office of Child Care gives you an exception to this rule, how will you ensure that the exception does not compromise the health, well-being, and safety of children in care?

2)Explain how the needs of children will be met if this exception is approved:

3) Describe any positive and/or negative affects this exception would have on children if granted:
Cat Herder 11:53 AM 02-13-2014
I have only been allowed exceptions (exemptions) to meet the needs of the community. The ones that were approved all cost me money. EX: They allowed an extra child, but I had to give up the pay during an overlap to heal after surgery, before entering kindergarten.

They are pretty strict about the infant ratio.

Maybe present it from the viewpoint of the family having no other options.
Solandia 12:06 PM 02-13-2014
Keeping them safe == only having 5 under two until the new one ages up a category (so, a month).

I have had exception/waivers, but my licensing office only approved for new siblings for kids already in care. Approval takes a few weeks, so by the time you have approval, the almost 2yo will be two. And honestly, I would not be willing to do a waiver for a completely new client, I would just tell them I have an opening in 6 weeks.
TwinKristi 01:50 PM 02-13-2014
I'm horrible with answering wordy questions like that. I know I can do it, it's only 6wks and the child acts more mature than some 2+ yr olds do. There aren't any negatives that I can see as he is the same as a 2yr old.
This is what bugs me about licensing sometimes. Like how is 6wks shy of 2 going to effect your group? I have a 2yr old who's delayed and really acts like an infant in MANY ways but it's about the numbers.
I have heard of exceptions for twins if you have an infant of your own or if it's a sibling of another family already enrolled.

Does your license allow for 3 & 3? CA allows for 3 infants and 3 older than 2 but that's it. You're full. I've done that before. That would actually be ideal for me.
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