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marionettex1 07:31 PM 05-28-2015
So my friends babysitter fell through. She goes back work in a month. She asked me if I could watch her two month old. She works a 3rd shift job so Id watch the baby from 6pm until 9 or 10pm when her husband gets home. I work a first shift job. I am alos in my late 20s, so babysitting was something I did when I was a teenager. My question is whose house? I would prefer to watch her baby at my house since I am currently going to school (online) and I am not comfortable just staying in her house by myself (I have always been this way about other people's homes).
She wants me to watch him at her house, but as my reasons stated above I don't want to. I have not answered her on whether or not I can or not.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

(Sorry if this jumps around, Very tired!)
AmyKidsCo 07:47 PM 05-28-2015
Honestly, it's probably easier to be at the baby's house because it'll have everything you need. Just think of all the things you'll probably want to have around: diapers, wipes, burp cloths, extra clothes, extra extra clothes, bottles, formula/milk, pacifier, pack n play, swing or bouncy seat, blankets, toys, etc. Baby's home will already have all of that stuff so you just need to walk in and walk out. And you won't have all that gear underfoot at your place 24/7 when it's just needed a couple of hours each day. Just my opinion...
Rockgirl 05:36 AM 05-29-2015
Baby's mom probably wants him to be in his own bed, since you would have him so late. But if you feel strongly about being in your own home, you may resent it if you agree to going to theirs. Do what works for you, if you agree to do it.
Second Home 09:14 AM 05-29-2015
In some states if you watch even 1 child in your home you must be licensed as a daycare provider.
If you watch the child in their home you do not .

Check to see what the laws are in your state and if you want to go through all that is involved with licensing to watch the child in your home .

I do think that it would be much easier to watch the child in their own home , less mess and supplies at your house .
KidGrind 09:13 AM 06-14-2015
You’re doing her a favor. So it should be on your terms.
MarinaVanessa 02:40 PM 06-14-2015
If you really don't want to watch the baby at her house then you should just say so. If you can be swayed to do it at her house offer her a lower rate if the baby comes to your house. Babysitters are generally people that watch your kids on occasion so that would make you more like a nanny and in any case babysitters and Nanny's get paid more per hour than family child care providers (child care in the providers home).

This way if she still insists on having you go to her house you'll be paid a little more which would make it worth your while. She might like the idea of paying less and that might be an incentive for her to agree to have the baby in your home.

I prefer the comfort of my own home and when I watch children in their own homes I charge more than I would if they came to my home. I wouldn't charge less than $9/hr if I had to go to someone else's home.
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