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dEHmom 08:05 AM 01-17-2011
Ok, last night for supper I bought chicken breast, sliced into stripes (thin strips), then coated in bread crumbs (or shake n bake if you prefer). Baked them at 400 for 10 mins, flipped them, and then baked for 5 mins. Pulled them out of oven, poured on sweet chili sauce and sprinkle sesame seeds and baked for another 5 mins.

Any sauce would work, or no sauce at all. I think served this on top of uncooked farkay noodles, shredded carrots/spinach, and side of rice, veggies, and spinach salad.

Unregistered 12:36 PM 01-18-2011
Great idea and a healthier way of eating a favorite....chicken strips. Thanks for the tip. I will be trying that with my daycare and family.
broncomom1973 11:44 AM 01-19-2011
I made the chicken strips/nugget recipe on the bisquick box. I just cut my tenderloins in strips and dipped them in egg/milk and then coated them in the bisquick/parmesan cheese mixture and baked them. They were really easy and good.
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